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I made a simple spreadsheet to compare our mileage. Please, enter your data. Replace username user(x) with your username, enter date of purchase or lease and odometer number in the correct column (miles or km). All other data will be calculated. Update your odo no. regularly, for ex. once every month.

You can sort data by columns.

Is this spreadsheet functioning properly for you? Suggestions for improvement?
Thanks, Sandange.

Do you have any suggestion what data should be added to make the spreadsheet more useful?
Thinking out loud...

If I was new to electric vehicles, considering buying the Miev & saw this chart.
I would also be concerned about the battery dependability, life expectancy.

The battery degradation information is good,
Maybe a column for battery failure, (yes /no).
If yes - date , miles/ km and a link to the posting for details.
Happy New Year Mievers!

Thanks for adding the column Zelnec

Mileage update
Jan 1 2014
2012 Miev bought July 2012
18 months of driving

54,607 km ( 33.931 miles )

Last drive of 2012 Dec 31

Total 169 km

Left with full charge , preheated, & 2 passengers

Opportunity charged through out the day
5 1/2 hrs L2, , & 3 hrs L1

Temperature at 8:00 am departure
- 24 C ( -11 F )

Warmed up at mid day to
-16 C ( 3 F )

Return home trip left fully charged
distance 66 km , ( 41 Miles )
70% highway at
85 kmph ( 53 mph )
Climbed elevation of 1000 ft into the hills

7:00 pm, temp -19 C ( -2 F )

end of trip, 15 km ( 9 Miles ) left on RR gauge

Only ran the fan on defrost no heat,
Occasionally used seat heaters on both front seats

Our Miev still serving us well
sandange said:
Temperature at 8:00 am departure
- 24 C ( -11 F )

Warmed up at mid day to
-16 C ( 3 F )
Uau, that's extreme! Any problems because of the cold? Is the car outside at night?
We've had a cold snap these last few days.
I keep the Miev plugged in L2 and it stays outside all the time.
I do pre-warm it up for at least 20 minutes before departure. so far so good
Here is a screen shot of our weather forecast for the next few days

Unlike sandange, we did a 160.0-mile (257.5km) New Year's Day trip from the San Francisco Peninsula to Monterey and back in warm sunny weather. Won't rub it in by showing photos of kids playing in the ocean. Mitsi was loaded with about 250# (113kg) of 'stuff': two folding bicycles, two spare tires, jack and tools, and a large box with two EVSEs and adapters and serious extension cables. Breakfast and two-hour charge at friends' house in Capitola, five-hour charge at Cannery Row in Monterey, and a two-hour charge and dinner in Aptos on the way back rounded out a lovely EV travel day, ending with 22,494 miles (36.200km).


The public garage on Cannery Row has two charging stations and we were lucky to be able to plug in, having arrived fairly early.

20 months later

59,612 km - (37,050 miles)

Just hit a RR gauge reading yesterday morning of (over night temperature was -15 C = 5 F )
123 km - ( 76.4 Miles )

with out any problems to date.
Gas here hit a high of 1.47/ liter = 5.58 CAD/us gallon = 5.04 USD /us gallon
Amazing sandange,

I'm just cracking 26,000 km and I got mine in end of Aug 2012. I'll have to put the car on a treadmill to catch up to you :D

Looks like you don't really have any range degradation also.

Perhaps I will see you on the 18th.

Thanks Don
Would be nice to meet up and exchange notes.
Maybe even break a Guinness world record on the 18 th
When I registered back then they sent me a confirmation and a note that they only needed 150 more EVs .

Don't say it to loud. The tar sand people might start a campaign to discredit EV's.

To late, it already started. To bad more people just do not see the advantage of EV's. I keep telling myself to keep the faith and remember it can take a long time for people to change. But, patience's sometimes is not my best character trait.

Just passed 30,000 miles, almost 30 months since we purchased the i-MiEV.

The car continues to suit our lifestyle amazingly-well and is used for virtually all of our local driving, with our normal single-charge maximum being a 70-mile round trip to/from SFO (airport). My wife loves 'her' i-MiEV, and the Corbin Sparrow EVs serve as my daily-drivers. The remaining Gen1 Honda Insight (the other one was recently totalled when a drunk driver ran into it) is our rarely-used long-distance car, with the ICE Isuzu Trooper reserved for occasional towing. The other ICE cars have been essentially mothballed.

My i-MiEV driving style has changed over the years: whereas at the outset I was a dedicated hypermiler, after my Insight accident (rear-ended while in the right lane) I've now reverted to my old leadfoot driving habits and only hypermile when occasionally needing the range. Wife is a featherfoot, which must be very confusing for our RR computer. Speaking of which, I recently took a longer trip with some friends in their Leaf and our RR algorithm with its 15-mile moving average seems to me to be far less susceptible to short-distance variations than the Leaf's - significantly better, from my perspective.

I now rarely use ECO mode, use B-N for both city and mountain driving, and D-N for the highways. I will definitely be the first to wear out the i-MiEV shift mechanism, as I still pop the car into N wherever possible. Love the i-MiEV's ability to manually control regen.

I've also altered my charging regimen. In winter I let the car slowly charge on L1 overnight and time the charge using the Remote so it stops at around 14 bars just before the car is needed in the morning. In summer, I now let the car cool off overnight and plug it into L2 in the early morning, with a mechanical timer shutting off at around 14 bars. Not to worry, the car gets a full balancing charge at least once every couple of weeks.

The only maintenance in these 30,000 miles is a new set of tires and a cabin air filter (in hindsight, I should merely have pulled out the filter and blown it clean). The cracked windshield (rock kicked up off the roadway by a MBZ) was replaced with insurance covering most of the cost. The only failure in these 30,000 miles was a burned-out dome light. Brake wear has been negligible, there have been no leaks, and no fluid additions have been required at all (windshield washer maybe touched once a year so the original fluid is still in there - it has barely rained here).

The car's range took a big hit about the time I switched over to the Yokohama AVID ENVigor tires - still uncertain as to the cause-effect relationship and the only way to find out is to put the OEM Dunlop Enasaves back on. Whereas we were getting full-charge RRs in the 80's and 90's for the first two years, they're now in the 60's and 70's - but that can also be easily explained by the change in my driving style, and I drive the car enough times during the week to negate my wife's featherfooting. We've never seen turtle and almost never go below two bars.

I regret not having bought an i-MiEV with CHAdeMO, as local L2 public charging stations are often PHEV'd. I have the EVSEUpgraded Mitsu EVSE and its programmable 120v/240v current selection capability, and I use it maybe a couple of times a month. Distant friends have been conditioned to routinely expect me to plug into their garage dryer outlets - a good bottle of wine works wonders.

Our 'fuel' cost has been negligible, as I generate excess Solar$$ annually with our 6.6kW photovoltaics. We only have a monthly home grid-tie service charge that is under $5 with 'smart' Time-Of-Use metering for our all-electric house with no aircon but power-hungry swimming pool pumps. For the first 8000 miles of ownership I meticulously recorded our i-MiEV's wall-to-wheels energy consumption and it averaged 4.2miles/kWh.

The many advantages of the car that we keep spouting off (good manual control over regen, capaciousness and flat rear floor with the seats down, tight turning radius, visibility, easy ingress/egress, etc.) continue making this car an incredibly useful urban vehicle. I swear at Consumer Reports for their incredibly biased and simply unfair review of this car, which I'm sadly finding out has caused a lot of damage as all-too-often people interested in EVs cite this review to me.

About the only complaint I have with the car is the obtrusive headrests, and I only install them when I have passengers. The right-rear corner visibility is also poor when backing out of a diagonal parking space, but that seems to be true of all modern vehicles in response to rollover structural requirements. The only flaky item on the car is the Remote's intermittent operation with my SPX Power Xpress EVSE at 240v.

In summary, we continue enjoying this car and are so happy we sprang for it 2-1/2 years ago!
Nice review, Joe.

I just turned over 14,000 miles Saturday after a year and 5 months of ownership. I've been through two refills of washer fluid, a set of tires (I know the dealer's working on it, they called me by mistake thinking my number was Goodyear/Dunlop :lol: ), a set of wiper blades, and the dealer changed my gearbox fluid :?: , but whatever :roll: . Total maintenance bill so far is $120 for wiper blades, a quart of ATF, and a front-end alignment, and $440 for four Continentals, though two are in the process of being returned because the smaller rear tires don't work well with the car.

When talking to people about the car, an overwhelming percentage of them didn't know Mitsubishi made an EV, and only a handful have seen one, probably at the auto show in 2012. Thankfully, most of them didn't mention anything about Consumer Reports or similar, so they must not have read the articles, though I sometimes make a point to ignore the "professional" reviews.

Between the i-MiEV and the C-Max, our fuel usage has gone down tremendously. The brakes on the truck have a real nice coat of rust on them.

I still live in ECO mode, though it seems at times that regen is weaker and I have to push the pedal farther than normal to get the power. I'm downshifting to B now just to get the needle to lay flat. The Continentals on the front handle really well and I was greeted by a personal best of 90 RR when I picked the car up from the dealer, and that included the dealer's test drive after the alignment. Average efficiency of that trip was 4.91 Mi./kWh, wall to wheels, and I was cruising pretty good on the way back. I have noticed an average loss of 3-5 miles RR, though that's probably because I've been driving different routes lately.
My miev's odometer just turned over 20,000 km today. It's oddly fun watching the distance rack up almost with no fuel cost.

I've have my car for just over 9 months and enjoy driving it every time I get in. I've even managed two camping trips in it with my two young kids. I've had to dust off my old backpacking gear and loading up the little car for camping is a lot like packing for a week of backcountry travel. I've had just enough room each time!