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Jan 15, 2022
Waynesville, NC
Bought my 2016 in November, 2021. It only had 6,700 miles on it, so I thought I
got a good deal. Come to find out the dashboard would light up like a x-mass
tree. Seems the stability control is not working properly. It eventually
got to the point where the stability control would activate within the 1st mile,
making the car impossible to drive unless I turn it off before I start driving. The dashboard still lights up, but I can drive the car for miles with no adverse problems. It helps me get around town to run my errands, but because of where I live being in the mountains of NC, my mileage suffers driving up and down hills. For extra long rides I have to rely on my Subaru Crosstrek XV. I particularly like the gas savings over the last 2 years, and since I have solar, it costs me nothing to charge the car.