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dashcams said:
2 years anniversary.65,100 km

I have to think in miles. 65,100 km = 40,451 miles over 2 years or 104 weeks and that = 778 miles/wk; or about 111 miles/day (178km/day)!
OK. What is your schedule like to do that?
dashcams said:
2 years anniversary.65,100 km

Congrats Dashcams - I did very similar mileage with my first Miev.
I don't think twice about the cost of fuel if I want to go anywhere.
The second seems to be going the same way so far.
Um, dashcams posted this message immediately followed by a nonsensical post about car security (which I deleted in response to at least one flag). Without further details or corroboration I'd take this dashcams post with a grain of salt...
I Had my first anniversary with my i-miev yesterday.

27296 km of smooth gas free sailing.

I'm having a lot of fun with this car.

Go Bluey, Go! You're pacing almost 100 miles/month more than Blackie did. What's the secret- did Blackie not have CHAdeMO?

My monthly mileage climbed by 265, or 21% shortly after trading up, and the monthly average is now up over 24%, thanks to sufficient regional DCFC coverage. That 302 miles/month extra on electric.
Thanks for prompting a fresh look- I just rolled over 50,000 i-MiEV miles (between two cars). I've roughly calculated it several different ways, and thanks to the higher capital cost for early buyers, we're still not money ahead compared to a gasser like the Honda Fit, but only by a tiny bit, have had a lot of fun, and will certainly pull ahead as the cost curves cross during our second 50,000 electric miles.
The odometer on "Silver" hit 40,000 miles today, after a little over 32 months of driving. At this rate, "Silver" will reach 100,000 miles and end its battery warranty at 6 years and 8 months. I would like to get the full 8 years out of the battery warranty, so today we started using "Purple" as the primary electric vehicle that my wife and I use. We have been putting about 15,000 miles a year on "Silver." We can still put over 11,000 miles a year on "Silver" and not reach 100,000 miles for 8 years.
Gotta share this, as my first i-MiEV's ownership just crossed three years.

Received a letter from Mitsubishi telling me, after a few scary words ("Due to the extremely high (their emphasis) and constantly rising cost of auto repairs..."), that I am pre-qualified to receive a special offer to extend coverage of my factory warranty. Out of curiosity, I called them up and after a bit of beating around the bush with payment plans I asked for simply the up-front cost for my three-year-old i-MiEV with 36K miles on it.

A 5-year 75K mile plan is $2777, with $100 deductible
A 4-year 100K mile plan is $2900, with $100 deductible

Of course, the salesguy rattled off a whole bunch of things that were NOT covered (oil changes :eek: , brake wear, tires, etc.).

When I declined, the salesperson followed up with more scary comments regarding my exposure…

Let's see, my costs so far have been a set of tires, a dome light, and a cabin air filter (I just blow the thing clean nowadays).

So far, I am extremely happy with the way Mitsubishi's engineers have designed the i-MiEV from a reliability standpoint. Hope I don't have to eat my words in the future… besides, I now have a spare car in case something goes wrong. :roll:
I Miev - Bluey

8 Months
22,644 km
14,070 Miles

& still ticking, (joke - if you're old enough to remember the old Timex watch commercials)
Quietly, very quietly, except when the diesel heater is working.
Two Year Anniversary with Bear!
2-21-2013 - 2-21-2015
19,578 miles
$52.78 miles/dollar, including pre-conditioning.
3.69 miles/kWh
Lifetime electricity cost of $367.84 (vs. $2,662.60 for a 25 MPG Cavalier, not including maintenance). I've only used free public charging stations, but I calculate consumption and cost it at 7 cents/kwh, the same as our residential rate (actually over 12 cents/kwh with all the fees and charges, but we're solar now).

1 Set of Windshield Wipers
4 New Tires
1 Recall (and 1 pending)
1 Gearbox oil change (suggested and done by the dealer. I said I didn't want it changed, but they already did it. Thanks. :lol: :roll: )
2 Washer fluid fill ups.
1 Collision sensor replaced.

Battery seems very healthy, haven't noticed any range loss yet, though I am right at the 3 year mark since the vehicle was manufactured. Let's see if, like Malm's car, it recalculates capacity.
Indeed, Sandange has the crown! I've fallen off my pace, down to about 18,750/yr. 'Twould be nice to see some more entries on the mileage spreadsheet.

Well, I just passed the two year mark with my Imiev. 56,060 km.

No battery issues, spent about $300 on maintenance and maybe $600 on electricity.

Have used Mitsubishi's free roadside assistance twice after pushing too hard and running the battery down.

I love driving electric!

I've taken some pride in getting maximum economic utilization out of our iMiEVs by racking up the miles- now approaching 50k on MR BEAN, but this car for sale sets a new high mark at 125k!


One thing's for sure, either the price or the mileage has a typo! Anyone near Vacaville with Canion? That would be a valuable DAQ test drive!