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Jun 6, 2018
Nova Scotia, Canada
I bought my imiev in 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was one someone had returned after a year, just over 11,000 km. This is our secondary vehicle, our primary is a ICE. We drive our imiev almost everyday. Today it has over 92,000km.
The dealership hired an electrician to put a level 2 6kW charger on the side of my house. It was wired slightly wrong, which I did not find out until 2023 when I got solar panels installed. They did without a utility permit and wired it will slightly smaller wires than they should have. The utility inspector made me get it corrected.
At the time, we were the only ones in my area to have an EV. Even today in 2024 it is rare to see any EV. There are finally a handful of level 2 chargers around town.
When I first got it we did not charge it every night and would drive the battery to its minimum often and had to get towed home twice. I live in a rural area and do not need to take it on the highway often.
I have noticed my range decrease every year. At first I would try to push it to 120km on a single charge, while now I would not attempt more than 75km. I have not used the level 3 chargers much, as I do mostly local driving. However I have driven it 300km in one day, on average twice a year, to the dealership because there is no local service support. I have to be quite strict on my speed and consumption on this trip to ensure I can make it from charger to charger with no issue. It makes a 3 hour trip 6 hours, because I will quick charge to 80% in 15 minutes, but then slow charge to 95% for 45min to an hour. Two legs of the trip are 65km and 73km between chargers.
In 2018 I replaced the windshield, expensive comparatively. Had to replace a front rim, also expensive comparatively.
In 2019 the DC to DC convertor failed and was replaced under warrantee, thankfully. The dealership charged me for an oil change during a check up. An oil change! And failed to reimburse me.
In the winter of 2022-23 the in cabin heater pump failed. I was quoted over $1400 to replace it, so I decided to do it myself. I purchased a diesel coolant heater ($1100) with a pump to help extend my range in the winter. It takes about 10 minutes to defrost and heat in the morning. The fuel reservoir that fit under the tiny front hood is only 600ml, so I have to refill it after 40 minutes of usage. Also had to have the tire pressure monitors replaced this year.

I have enjoyed my imiev almost as much as my motorcycle, and will drive it for as long as I can. I work in the electrical field and will probably attempt a battery upgrade myself. I think owning an EV has been a challenge because they have not been adapted in my area (Antigonish) but it has been very financially affordable.


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Oh, also other repairs I did myself.
The AC compressor rubber feed rusted off. I have gotten winter under coverings, but there is so much rust now, I do not bother any more.
The gear selector switch needed to be replaced.
I added a AUX audio input cable to plug in my phone.
I repaired the rear drum brakes.
I was having issues with the gear shifter release solenoid, so made my own bypass lever.