Our 2014 iMiev has reached 80K miles and is still going strong!

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Sep 17, 2017
Gloucester, MA

Not sure if this qualifies as a review but I just have to say something about this little wonderful vehicle which we bought for $7,500 in 2017. It's been through grueling winters (New England) and all kinds of kids to school, going shopping, taking stuff to storage kind of use. Not one single non maintenance problem, just tires and breaks and scheduled service which is basically nothing. Actually not completely true. One of the tires started to lose air and it turned out the sensor in the rim had to be replaced. $48! That is all we have had to do outside of normal wear and tear maintenance unless even that counts as maintenance.

I'm Norwegian (but live north of Boston) so I know the iMiev was incredibly popular over there and there's still many going strong. Here in the US we had a hard time finding one and Carmax tried to talk us out of it but didn't succeed. They had forgotten to charge it before we picked it up and we didn't really understand the Atari gaming looking instrument panel but realized something was wrong when saw a turtle. They had to come and pick us up and have the car taken to our house on a tow truck. Since then just a little work horse! : :D

Still people come up to me and ask if it's a new Mitsubishi and either laughs at it's looks or tell me how incredibly cool it looks. We will keep going until the battery dies somewhere around 100K miles I have heard. It will be hard to let it go! The iMiev together with our Outlander PHEV is a perfect two vehicle combo. I wonder when Mitsubishi will offer a little EV in the US again.
Glad you’re enjoying it. I really wish Mitsubishi would’ve updated the drive system and kept these cars in production.

I had mine at an event last year and folks kept asking if it was new. Blew their minds to hear it was 10 years old and discontinued. It just shows how timeless the design is and that these cars were ahead of their time.
Snap !

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for me.
Electric only for most of my trips, about 25 miles range when the weather is warm.
Ideal for the occasion 240 mile trip to visit the kids.
Given the state of the UK charging infrastructure.

Just bought a 2011 I-MIEV for the wife (aka Home Secretary, or Her Indoors), or She Who Must Be Obeyed).
55 mile real range when the weather was warm.
The black paintwork looks like new, amazing longevity.