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Nov 21, 2022
Hi everyone,

just after buying a C-Zero on Sunday I discovered this valuable forum and already spent quite some time reading through all this info.
I'm 31 and located in Germany, near Nuremberg. I have owned a couple of cars by now and started venturing into the world of EVs with a Renault Twizy last year. As it was only meant for commuting, which it did really well, I went for a budget one and got a slightly modified 2012 model with 60.000km. Loved it from the first minutes, my wife needed a few tries to like it. In the end it turned out that we would do substantially more trips, if we coud take our daughter with us. After a bit of research it was clear that the iMiev trio fits our needs the best. As the iMiev is kind of rare in Germany, I was open for iOns and C-Zeros, too.

It only took a few weeks of checking offers multiple times daily that I found the one I have now bought. It's a white C-Zero with 45.000km (~30k miles) on it from 2011. First owner was Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany, and I'll be the third owner. It's a quirky little thing but almost feels like a Trackhawk compared to the Twizy. As it is not yet registered to my name, I didn't get to drive it a lot. Actually I already travelled roughly 400km with it - on the back of a truck. But there are already a few questions:

Is heating while charging (L1) possible with my model year? Just read that it is not.
Is there a way to start/stop charging remotely and would leaving it plugged in have any drawback?
It's currently on all season tires. As it is a city car I'm okay with it, but I wonder if it affects range differently from changing tires to winter/summer?
Is there a blueprint for the cutouts of the gear selector to get the additional driving modes?
What's the smallest wheel size you can put on? Would 14s or even 13s fit?

All the best

Edit: If someone could advise how to upload pics directly to the forum, I would gladly do so!
Hello from Lower Saxony :3
The remote start/stop feature is only available when your car comes with the remote control (the one with the display), as I read yours doesn't have it since it can't do the remote warm up/air condition.
I am using all seasons tires too, though I am thinking of changing to two sets of wheels since our iMiev is one of our daily drivers now, it might have a slight positive effect on the range when using summer tires (this is a guess though since I have tried this only on my Twizy so far and I got a bit more range then).
Great to meet a fellow German! Even with the same garage: Twizy+iMiev. Are you aware of any German community around the trio that is worth speaking of?
I really dislike the OEM wheels, but will probably stick to them for financial and convenience reasons.
Welcome to the forum.

Check out the following a bit closer to you

Summer/winter tyres don’t make any significant difference when it comes to range, however some owners swear that soft tyres improve the handling

I do have the extra drive modes on my car, but I never found a use for them, therefore I wouldn’t rush into modifying things; just enjoy driving it for now…