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Apr 5, 2012
Our iMiEV is a white 2012 16kWh model we purchased new (we were told it was the first retail EV sold in WA). It was the only BEV available in WA at that time in early 2012 - the Leaf was still 6-9 months away and Tesla had not committed to WA since they were unsure of the number of sales. It has performed wonderfully, however in 2022 our range had reduced to about half - 80-100km the new values. We purchased the 30kWh system from Oz Electric Vehicles about 18 months ago - installed locally by Dan at EFI Automotives. Going very well with typically 250km range depending on the normal factors. We are taking much better care of the batteries - not fully discharging nor full charging and hope this reduces the degradation. And we never fast charge.
Since we hope to get at least another 10+ years from this great little car, I upgraded the audio system with a Pioneer SPH-DA360DAB with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto - what a difference that made to the sound quality! I did intend to upgrade the speakers but was pleasantly surprised what a decent audio unit driving them made. I installed a reversing camera too. The only negative is the DAB radio drops out occasionally on some stations - maybe needs a better aerial than the Pioneer kit included.
The old batteries were in great condition and are now providing the overnight power for an off-grid solar house 400km east of Perth - we're getting about 8-10kWh from them - we're still fiddling with the DIY BMS settings.