History of my MiEV and a suggestion of some good deals on Chevy Bolt EVs

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Apr 30, 2021
I'm posting this here at the request of our Forum Moderator.
(I had sent it to him in response to SOMEthing, not realizing until he told me that only he could see it):

We purchased our 2012 April 2013 for about $22,000. A couple of incentives and rebates took our net cost down to about $16K or $17K if I remember right. We sold it 9 years later at about 42,000 miles to a good home. When we first got it we could count on about 70 miles range in out particular patterns of use. On one rare occasion we got 125 miles. But by the time we sold it we could not count on more than 60 miles round trip range even if not using heater or AC. Nevertheless we liked it very much and it saved us a significant cost in fuel... and we never had any maintenance issues (except for the recalls, airbag, etc.) and not a penny in maintenance. Except we did have to buy two new tires. We got hit hard by depreciation IMO selling it for $4500 and sort of lucky to get that much. So the depreciation cut deeper into the cost of ownership than I had hoped.
The buyer though was very happy. I checked in on her a year after we sold it (sold in May of 2021 IIRR) and it was still running trouble free and happy. When we purchased our MiEV and in the year after the local Subaru/Mitsubish dealer sold about 8 of them into our southern Oregon town of about 20,000. I still see about 4 driving around now and then. I am in touch with one that is battery-wise on it's last legs... was sold to someone willing to use it with limited range etc. He purchased it for about $2000.
We are not sorry we purchased it but several things were disappointing. In very hot or very cold weather (especially with its lame ability to defog the windshield) my wife was more and more finding excuses to drive our more luxurious feeling then newer 2015 Forester. And (this was a big issue) the local dealer bailed out of Mitsubishi with the next closest being 375 miles away, it took major jumping through hoops for the last recall (the brake cylinder/pump(?) on my part to get that done. So I was concerned that if it ever needed any repair that wasn't generic (suspension, etc) that required real Mitsubishi EV parts and skill we'd be up the creek. If it wasn't for that I could have been happy to keep it for another 10 years. Even with 60 mile range it was useful, and always fun to drive (except when the windshield fogged up.) In 9 years there was only one occasion when we had serious range anxiety. 6 miles from home it was not clear if we'd make it without (or even with) going into horrible turtle mode. (We stopped at a friend's home and bummed an ICE ride home.)
In May of 2021 we got a chance to buy a new pretty fully loaded Chevy Bolt for (after rebates) $23.5K . Of course it's completely a different/higher class/generation of EV. We loved it. Due to some odd events at GM related to the greatly overblown reports of some fire risks on some Bolts, at the end of 2022 GM gave us a brand new fully loaded 2023 Bolt EV and wrote us a check for $9000. Really. Lowered out net cost of our Bolt below $13K. And, oh, GM paid to have 240 volts run out to our garage for a level-2 charger. Ignoring what a outrageous deal we got, We both love the 2023 Bolt even more than the 2021, and I am very impressed with small and large features of its engineering. And so far am impressed with GM's support.
If you get a chance to buy any of the Bolts that GM purchased back from Bolt owners during the fire scare, there may be some good deals out there. Apparently they are coming back on market in some channels. Anyone who gets the 2021 that GM purchased back from us will get a creampuff that was treated with TLC and had only 10,000 miles on it. As those come back on the market depending on the state they may be designated "salvage" or some other scary title. The year models can be anything from 2017 to 2022.
Some will have brand new batteries.

You might find more info on where to hunt for those GM bybacks might be found at the Bolt forum chevybolt.org.

In addition generally thee will be 2020 Bolts coming off lease soon and I do occasionally see used Bolt EVs for under $10,000. At the risk of repeating, these are EVs with range of 200+