Problems after our 2014 iMiev has been in storage for 6 months.

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Sep 17, 2017
Gloucester, MA

Our 2014 iMiev has been in storage for 6 months. I am sure we didn't do what we were supposed to when putting it up so now we have two problems.

1. The Orange car with exclamation mark in it comes on and stays on.
2. The dashboard gear indicator P R N D E B blinks regardless of which gear I am in. So if I am in D the selected D blinks. Same for all the others.

The car runs just fine it seems, but I'm sure these two indicators aren't good news. The car is fully charged and it keeps charge. I noticed just after starting it up that there was very little 12 v power. It is more now, but I seem to remember that the 12 v battery can cause a lot of error indications.

I would really like to know what is going on, if I can drive the car to the dealership without risking even more trouble and if there's anything I can do on my side to narrow this down further.
If you have a 12V battery charger, then that might help to give the 12V a good charge. One of my cars sat too long and the 12V is permanently damaged such that it will not accept a charge. So if yours sat for 6 months without a trickle charge of the 12V to hold it full, then it is likely damaged beyond recovery.

A weak, old or worn out 12V battery can cause a multitude of strange errors such as you are seeing, so replace it if it can't recover with external charging. Once the 12V issue is resolved then you can evaluate if the other errors are real or due to the low 12V.

i would recommend to fix the 12V first before trying to charge the main pack or drive the car. It seems too big a risk to drive since it could shutdown on the road. Also the onboard charger OBC could be damaged if the 12V fails during charging.
Thanks! I did measure battery with a meter and it's 12.4 v. Do I have to disconnect it to get a correct measurement? Should I disconnect it to charge it? I have a charger. I am not very good at these things so excuse my ignorance :)
Your Aux battery is somewhat low, but it might be saved with charging.

You don't need to remove the terminals to charge or measure.

If you do need to remove them to replace the aux, then remove the negative side first, then positive. And in the opposite order when installing, positive first, then negative.

There are a couple of very stiff plastic clamps on the positive cable that will fight you when trying to remove and replace, so i've found it easier to loosen those clamps first when wrangling with the positive terminal.