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Apr 30, 2024
Selling a 2012 (plum colored) iMiev with only 23k miles, 2 year old batteries, and new tires.

The car had zero flaws, ran perfectly, and was a great errand runner UNTIL February. I hopped in it after letting it sit for 4 weeks and got about 6 blocks down the road when the RBS, explanation point, and battery light came on, then the turtle and it would only creep forward. Turned it on again … drove a ways and same thing. Took it to one of ONLY TWO Mitsubishi dealers who have ONE tech. After waiting 4 weeks before they pulled it in to diagnose it, they tell me the drive battery needs replaced . at $13,000! It had just been replaced 2 years ago when I bought it and they won’t stand behind it!

It’s worthless to me with NO other repair tech options and I’ll NEVER buy another electric vehicle as long as there’s gas out there.

If interested contact me.
Hey, colonellh, I haven't decided anything yet. Sorry for my delay and lack of communication. Sell it if you get an offer. I received a notice from Tesla that I could pick up my Cybertruck. Anyway, my wife was out of town so I waited till she got back. I went Saturday to look at it, but there was an issue with the VIN so I have another week to think about it. If I buy it I'm not sure I want another project because I have limited parking.

I will make up my mind by Sunday and let you know.