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Feb 15, 2022
So, I started getting tortises at half a pack when cold. My pack is ten years old, so I figured it was time for a replacement, but when I called my mitsubishi dealer, while they did have a replacement pack, it cost about twice what I expected it to ($16k before tax). I did a little research and discovered that the battery pack is basically using a rudman regulator (I come from the DIY EV side of the house, can you tell?) for cell balance management, and with a ridiculously tiny shunt.

I am making a guess that the tortoise is coming on - and reduced current is commanded - when a cell is low voltage.

So, I did a little digging, and found a EVSE that would command 6 amp charging at 110. (If you can't move very much charge between cells per minute, what you really want is for a charge cycle to take more minutes.) After several cycles of this my problem has gone away, for now. My milage guesser is back in the 60s. So I'm putting the problem off until it resurfaces - but, when it does, does anyone have any advice or thoughts? I would love to get the extra fat Australian battery pack, but I don't live in AU - can I ship the car down there to get it done? Has anyone figured out a way to do this in north america? Alternately, has anyone gotten the mitsubishi OEM battery replacement, and how did that go for you?
Sorry to hear of your situation, and to contribute to your frustration, I can confirm that the OZ 30kWh replacement battery pack is brilliant - our's was a 2012 16kWh model we purchased new and the range had reduced to about half - 80-100km. So we had the change done about 18 months ago. The old batteries were in great condition and are now providing the overnight power an off-grid solar house 400km east of Perth - we're getting about 8-10kWh from them - we're still fiddling with the DIY BMS settings.