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Apr 27, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
So, while trying to climb my ice-covered driveway, I tried holding the brake to prevent the rear wheel that was on the ice from spinning. It started working, until the RBS and MCU warning light came on and I lost motive power.

I tried putting the car in Park and back in Drive, but still nothing. The READY light never went out, but the motor wouldn't drive. Only turning the car off and restarting allowed me to move again.

Anyone else experience this? Cause?
I have no idea . . . . but I would bet the car shut itself down to prevent something bad from happening because of the 'situation' you put it in

It was cold and I was low on charge. I suspect a cell dipped a little too low on voltage. Either that or the car didn't like the fact I pushed both pedals at the same time and I tripped a lockout. Had I remembered to turn off the ASC before attempting the driveway, I'd have made it on the first try.

It seems fine now. We're supposed to shoot up into the upper 50's F tomorrow, so that should allow everything to thaw out. New rear tires are being installed on the 23rd. This just caught me off-guard, as I'm used to it disabling regen, ABS, and ASC when I can't make the driveway, not cutting power to the motor.

Amazing that even after several years of ownership, the i-MiEV continues to teach us new things.