Sudden Loss of Regen/Power with RBS, MCU Warning Light, and READY illuminated

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Apr 27, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Consider this a PSA to lubricate the shifter linkage at the gearbox. (work in progress)

If you notice that shifting is sloppy/stiff, this is a sign that the gearbox shifter linkage needs lubricated. If left untreated, it can lead to malfunctions when shifting, including:

1. Not able to shift into Park
2. Not able to use B mode
3. If you change drive modes while driving, loss of regenerative braking and/or motive power.

If the drive unit shuts down, the RBS and MCU Warning Light will illuminate while the READY light remains on. The gear selector will start blinking. To re-enable driving should this occur (after having safely coasted to the side of the road or some place where you can remain stationary for up to 20 seconds), place the car in park (verifying that P on the gear selector is either solid dark or blinking), power it down and wait until all lights on the dashboard go out, and then power the car back up. This should restore normal operation and allow you to continue driving. For safety, minimize drive mode changes until the shifter can be lubricated.

(as for the work in progress, I'll update with pictures of what to lubricate).