Chinese MUT 3 clones on a virtual XP machine

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Jan 30, 2023
I replaced the main battery with a used pack and the battery looks good with only 0.010 volts difference between cells after running the battery hard. Now I need to reset or calibrate battery capacity. The cells are above 3.9 volts when I am down to 2 bars and less than 10 miles range showing.

Has anyone had luck running one of those Chinese MUT 3 clones on a virtual XP machine?
edgarharris155 said:
Now I need to reset or calibrate battery capacity.

Hi there, we’ll done on the battery replacement, can’t answer your query about the MUT but there is another way: the hobDrive app (Beta?) has a battery calibration feature that has been successfully tested by some forum users…
Its not possible to use the Diagbox hardware to do this work? Its reported many times that the PSA(peugeot/citroen) diagnose hardware and software works also on Mitsubishi imiev.
Because i expect that when PSA-technicans do the battery-swap on such a PSA-vehicles they also need to do this and i cant think of them having to buy a MUT3 Mitsubishi hardware in a Peugeot/Citroen workshop to work on a Peugeot-ion/Citroen-c-zero.
The diagbox clone hardware starts at about 50€ with free worldwide shipping on aliexpress and ebay. The imiev does not need the little bit more expensive full-chip versions. The latest software can be get for free from the domain psa-diag[dot]fr and different other forum.