can you tell me what the problem may be?

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Dec 29, 2015
Our 2014 IMiev has worked really well, but now we have a problem.
The car is going in to Halifax Mitsubishi next week, but I am curious
about what the issue might be.
-- it appears that it wouldn't take a charge at all
-- but then the charger worked and topped up the car to 118 kms which is standard now
-- but the charger controller in the garage kept flashing on and off even though it
had been charging all night and iit had reached its max top up
-- the car is drawing down the battery at a very noticeable faster rate than what is normal.

Any idea what might be the difficulty?

Roger in Halifax
Hi Roger
Not sure if the issue is actually with the car, sounds more like an EVSE problem to me. The battery draining rapidly could be just a function of cold winter weather.

First of all check your 12V aux battery, if it’s old and worn or doesn’t measure around 14.4V when car is Ready consider getting a replacement…

If it's the original 12 volt battery, that's my first suspicion. A shorted cell in the 12 volt battery would draw a ton of power and take a few miles of range off the car. Easiest way to spot a shorted cell is the measure the voltage of the battery under the hood with the car turned off and all lights/accessories off. It should read above 12 volts if the car has been driven or charged in the last 24 hours.

It's a group 151R battery and I've found them available at regular auto parts stores.

Other things you could check is to make sure the J1772 port and connector are clean and that the latch engages properly.