Problem with using the remote for our 2014 iMiev

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Sep 17, 2017
Gloucester, MA
We still have our trusty 2014 iMiev. It's like the energizer bunny, It just goes.

I'm having one problem now though. We like to preheat the car using the remote when it's cold, but now I get an beep with ERROR when I try to start heating in the morning. If I go out and pull the charger out and in again it works fine. It's only when it has been charging overnight it won't work and I have to go out and toggle the charging cable.

Could it be that I have messed with the remote and set something that prevents it from working when the car is fully charged overnight? If anyone have ideas with regards to this please let me know! I'm impressed the remote is still working at all!

Not getting rid of the iMiev until the battery dies. We bought it for $7K in 2016. Most economical vehicle we've ever owned! 🙂
When I get an ERROR after hitting the SEND button, I find that waiting ten seconds before hitting the SEND button again usually works. This most often happens when the car is plugged into L2.

Had you previously enabled timed charging using the REMOTE, or simply plugged in the car and (gasp) let it charge to 100%?
I have figured this one out. It's the charger itself! Neither of our Mitsu's still have the original chargers. Out PHEV has one aftermarket charger while the iMiEV has another. When I switch them so that the iMiEV uses the other one there's no problem with the remote heating in the morning. It works as before. So I have switched the chargers so the PHEV now uses the one that messed up remote control on the iMiEV. Problem solved. The PHEV uses wi-fi and an app so it's not a problem and both chargers works just fine as such.

The big bother PHEV gladly gave up the charger so little iMiEV could get warm in the cold New England winter mornings :D

Thank you guys for help!