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Oct 13, 2015
I have received an Email from Tech Admin to post my experience with the iMiev. We sold it around 3 years ago to a new owner who lived in the Isle of Wight. He bought it for his Daughter as a run about.
We owned the car, an early 2009 pre sales model, for around 5 years with zero problems apart from the usual items such as tyres and wiper blades. It passed it's MOT, no fails, every year and proved completely reliable. The only job I had to do was re-wire the mains lead to the Type 1 connector as the cable had snapped. It was a curly lead so was under tension if you needed to stretch it.
With it being a 2009 model, it caused confusion with insurers as they never had that year on their database as it wasn't officially sold in the UK until 2010😆
My Wife used it every day to commute to work (a run of 2 miles) so it only needed charging every 2 to 3 weeks. I occasionally went to work in it, a return trip of 30 miles and I really liked driving it. I remember in winter, condensation on the windows could be a problem which meant either the aircon or the heater being on to demist which cut the range down a bit. I maxed it out at 80 mph on the A1 one morning just to see what it would do, but gently driving around 50-60mph suited it better. I remember going down one long hill on the way home (on max regen) and ending up with 2 Km more range. The speedo and odometer read mph but the range in Km. I think because it was a pre- sales evaluation car, they hadn't converted that part of the dash info😉
It proved a very good load carrier with the seats folded down as we moved house, using the car to ferry many items across town.
A very good and cheap introduction to EV motoring for anybody not needing to travel long distances. We now have a Vauxhall Ampera which is a plug in Hybrid which again has proved a reliable car for the last 6 years. We are trading this in next year for another EV.