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Aug 29, 2017
Quarryville, PA

I now plug into a regular 120V outlet with the stock charger on low which is 8A.

A little while ago, while I had it plugged in on a cool morning, I used the remote to send the heat command, then went out there to see how it was doing a couple of times. From what I remember, it was hardly blowing any air at all and the air seemed maybe a little warm.

So I've since resorted to going out, unplugging, starting the car, turning the heat/defroster on full blast with the max button on also. Wait 10-15 min and get in the car and go. Which works fine.

I know 8A is not that much power, so maybe that is the problem. But I thought it might just use main battery for power, I guess not.

Just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I do like using the 8A setting because it is easier on the batteries to go slow, so I'm fine with the workaround if that's what it takes...going out and turning it on.

Bump it to 12 amps if the circuit can take it. The battery won’t care. Use HEAT for a few minutes to warm up the water loop, then about 5-10 minutes before leaving, switch to Defrost. That’ll put the fan to high speed and dump all the heat in the loop into the cabin.
Yeah, the 8 amp charger doesn’t allow for much heat.

One option is to pre-heat the car with a small space heater. I had to do this for a couple of months when the heater died in one of my imievs. Worked surprisingly well, at least for trips up to about 20-30 minute, down to about 20F.