Better Charging Infrastructure, the Real Reason Tesla is at the top

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Apr 27, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA|2

Huh, you don't say? This is why I've always been skeptical when a new EV comes out and reviewers proclaim it's a Tesla killer. Nobody is going to beat Tesla with a car (or truck or SUV). The key to even getting into Tesla's ballpark is through the charging infrastructure. Fast, affordable, reliable quick charging stations need to get onto the same level as Tesla Superchargers as far as placment, number of locations, and number of chargers at each location. So far, EA is the only one coming close, but they still have work to do. A recent trip across Pennsylvania in the Bolt was overall pretty smooth, but it would've been effortless in my Model 3. Like, easier than gasoline effortless.

Areas where the Superchargers can be improved upon are few, but pull-through charging stalls are going to be desparately needed as heavy-towing capable EVs become more numerous. Currently, Model X and Y owners with trailers either have to unhook/rehook the trailer or block several Superchargers to reach a connector during charge stops. The CCS connector and cable are also quite bulky compared to a Supercharger connector/cable, and nose-in stations with side-mounted charge ports on the cars only make this harder to charge and put a lot of stress on the charge port. The siloed app approach also needs to end. Get these stations under a canopy (ideally made of solar panels) and get gas-pump quality credit card readers and receipt printers so that a swipe of a credit card is all anyone needs to charge. As an option, one can have accounts with the charging networks, but either tie charging activity to the credit card number or have a way to enter an account or phone number to add the charge session to your account (like stores do with rewards cards at the checkout register).

There's a reason that gas stations are set up a certain way. EV charging needs to mirror this so that trip/towing disaster videos don't keep happening. If it takes more than two sentences to explain how to charge a car on a trip, adoption is going to suffer. With Tesla, the car routes you to stations as-needed, and all you do is back-in and plug in. No apps or membership card taps; it just starts charging like a home EVSE does.

OK. Rant over :mrgreen: