2014 to 2012 battery swap

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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
Ok, my search skills are declining because I thought there was a thread saying that the data connector had been revised for 2014 such that some adaptation may be required to put one of those batteries into a 2012. Well, it's about time to make use of the 2014 battery in my parts car, and I'm hoping one of you fine minds can recall any impediments. I of course have the 2012 battery to swap 2014 modules into if needed, but want the simplest path possible. My last upgrade was a 2012-2012 swap, which is a simple affair for an afternoon job, and re-learning actual battery capacity happens over the next week or two of use cycles without any reprogramming required for the pessimistic estimates that hold over from the previous battery to be quickly replaced with shining new reality!
Hi there

I don’t think the data connections are different but I would be worried about a possible difference in chemistry between the packs, see link to discussions below

I believe you are correct. I hit the same snag today, thought that batteries till 2015 are the same (and they should). Well not really.


Any thoughts how to solve this? Do I have to take this battery out again and exchange modules? I would like to rather not do that...