Are the 2012 models getting too risky?

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Thanks just wanted to clarify is it hard to find the label saying whether the pack is the newer, better cells? How could you tell otherwise?
Hi Malcolm, Welcome to the i-miev forum. I realize I'm jumping in on this thread late, but I have a 2012 SE that I'd like to sell. It only has a little over 13,000 miles on the odometer and it is absolutely neat as a pin inside and out. Several issues though, It does not have DCQC and you listed that as a must have! It also is lacking the remote and the rear headrests. I already have two of these and I have now bought a third one that I have no use for at all. Don't really know why I bought it but these little cars are so unappreciated and unloved that, best I can figure out, I guess I was just trying to find it a good home where someone could give it the love it needs. Akin to fostering an unloved stray dog or cat. You say you're moving to the Ozarks and I have no idea where you'd even use DCQC in the Ozarks? But anyway, if you can live without DCQC I'm likely not far from from you as I live in Memphis, Tennessee. I have a lot of experience towing these on a tow dolly behind my motorhome, so I might consider delivering it if you're not too far from me. I can also Include a Mitsubishi EVSE that has been upgraded to use 240V or 120V or the regular Mitsubishi EVSE that is 120V only. It'll be a week or two before I can really sell it, and I'll post it on the private for sale board when I'm ready so be looking for it. I bought it yesterday and I'll have to wait for the title. In the meanwhile I plan on taking it to my Mitsu dealer to have the airbag recall done. Let me know if you have any interest in this little gem.
iwatson, welcome back! I was worried as you had completely dropped off the map halfway through your trip last year and didn't respond to my PM. Still would like a photo of exactly how you tie off the steering wheel when dolly-towing the i-MiEV.

Regarding Malcolm, I guess we can say he received some education from us. Every time I drive my friend's Leaf, among the things I miss is the i-MiEV's tight turning radius. Another reason I don't like driving the Tesla around town.