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Apr 3, 2022
Hello everyone,

since I've been here for a while, I thought I should introduce myself and my car. We bought it in 2021 since I the place I worked at removed the possibility to charge my Renault Twizy (the chargers didn't like my adaptor) and the distance was too long without recharging. The price was ok (had some scratches and dents), the owner gave me the wallbox for free. Since then we never had an issue with it, it runs fine, unfortunately it is slowly loosing battery capacity (did a refresh last year which got a few Ah back, but is slowly getting back to the old value).
The front badge was missing a piece so I removed it completely (and the rear one too) and replaced it with Tesla logos. It is always super funny when people drive by on the parking lot, stop and back up to check what kind of car this ist :D

Pictures will follow soon