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Feb 10, 2021
Bloomington/Normal, IL
So, I guess I have been doing a little bit of pandemic “stay at home” online shopping lately and thought I would share my experiences in the hope that it might help others and that I might get useful feedback if anyone else has any experience with these.
It all got started recently when I bought a used blue 2016 with all the options I think I would ever want on this car:

Navigation system
Cargo package (cargo mat and net) (MZ314564, MZ314566)
Foldable cargo tray (MZ314559)
Side window deflectors (MZ380579EX)

Pictures, dealer prices, and Mitsubishi part #s (most helpful!) for these and other accessory items can be found here:
The car itself has 30,000 miles (got it for $6,900) and everything seems to be in good shape though I can’t tell that the seat heaters are working. The light for the driver side one doesn’t come on while the passenger side one does come on but I can never tell that either seat is getting warm at all. The regular heat in the car barely seems to be working as well but from what I can tell these cars were pretty much like this new. FYI the Mitsubishi owner’s portal has lots of good info on your specific car (Complete maintenance records from the dealer and all the warranty information). Interestingly, the 2016s only have an 8 year battery warranty and not the 10 years that was given to the 2012s.

Some reviews on what I got with the car and what I have since purchased:
The navigation system is only OK in my opinion. The radio produces pretty good sound and gets good reception but the whole interface is kind of clunky. I mostly wanted it for the backup camera. In our other car, a 2017 Chevy volt, the backup camera has lines that move with the steering wheel to show you where you will end up. The lines that appear for the iMiEV are stationary which is not as good. Still I think backup cameras are a really nice option so I am mostly happy with it. Also good to have the USB port to charge my phone if needed.

I am also reasonably happy with the cargo package and cargo tray. I haven’t found much use for the cargo net but the cargo tray and reversible mat are pretty good. I don’t know that there is much reason to have both but they can be found for reasonable prices on ebay currently. If I had to make a choice I think I would go for the reversible cargo mat over the foldable tray.
I wish they also had all-weather mats for the rest of the car rather than the carpeted ones.

Side window deflectors (MZ380579EX):
These seem fine but since I don’t really have any experience with the car when it doesn’t have them it is hard to know how much they improve the ride.

Newly Purchased Accessories:
2018 Here Maps Update SD card:
There were two for sale (new in box) from two different venders on ebay when I looked for 30$ and 40$ but I offered 20$ and one of them accepted.
Install worked just fine but hard to tell if anything changed. It had version 2017 when I got it and now it says version 2018. I was hoping this would allow me to use the free yearly charging station POI updates offered by HERE but it still does not do anything with that file when I try to install it.
It was an interesting enough experiment for 20$ but overall I probably wouldn’t bother with this if I had it to do over again. The current (2020) update sells for $150 which is probably way overpriced for what you get.

Side Moulding (MZ314565):
Purchased on ebay from vendor “partsbrokersllc” for 40$ new. Can be found elsewhere for ~$120 so this seems like a pretty good deal. I haven’t tried installing it yet since it is too cold but I think it will make a nice addition to our car. It is basically peel and stick and comes with reasonably good instructions from Mitsubishi.

Blue LED upgrade dash light kit (MZ360380EX):
Purchased on ebay from vendor “partsbrokersllc” for 30$ new. Can be found elsewhere for ~$130 so this also seems like a pretty good deal from this same vendor. I haven’t tried installing this one yet either and I am not sure I will bother. The instructions from Mitsubishi seem relatively well laid out but they say to remove the radio, glove box, and several other pieces of trim and I am not sure it is worth the hassle and the possibility of breaking something when doing it.

New Keys:
Purchased a 2 pack of simpler (non-remote) transponder keys on ebay from vendor “auto.locksmiths” for $13.50. Couldn’t get the transponders on these to be accepted by our car after following the procedure in the manual. Kind of a bummer. Was looking forward to having a smaller key on my keychain and would have been nice to have some backup keys. The locksmith that cut them told me they could do the programming for 75$ but would need the car for a while.

New armrest:
“Leather Console Armrest Box Center For 2005-2010 Toyota Yaris Vitz Black” purchased on ebay from happyyongab for $45.99 based on earlier discussions on this site. Looks reasonably nice and fits reasonably nicely in our cupholder and gives some good out-of-sight storage. It is a little bit loose but fits well enough that I most likely won’t bother with any additional anchoring.

New Interior LED Lights:

NEW OEM LED CONVERSION INTERIOR LIGHT SET PAIR (MZ360354EX) $25 for two bulbs from “partsbrokersllc” on ebay– need two packs to replace all three ceiling lights.

I installed two of these and liked it enough that I went ahead and got another pack to install the third one. They are much brighter and a much nicer color than the stock bulbs.

License plate frames:
Silicone License Plate Frames, 2 Pcs License Plate Holder with Drainage Holes, Universal American Black License Plate Frame, Rust-Proof, Rattle-Proof, Weather-Proof – $6.99 on Amazon

I hated the rattling sound of the license plate and dealer-provided frame on the back hatch when I open and shut it and it was starting to wear through the paint. I also didn’t like the free advertising I give the dealer. This definitely helps and the price was great.

Touchup direct paint pens:
Everything kit with paint, primer, and clearcoat. – $43.95
Haven’t tried this yet due to the weather but it seems like a well put together little kit

I think that is it for now. I have been pretty happy with the prices and quality of the things I have purchased from“partsbrokersllc” on ebay so am giving them my endorsement. I might also consider the icarsoft i909 scan tool based on what I have been reading on this site but have been enjoying keeping my accessorizing under $50 a pop. Maybe I will eventually get some external seat heaters too but will probably wait till next winter.
Happy cruising!

Bloomington/Normal, IL
Rick, thank you for your toy update. :) I hadn't heard of silicone license plate frames (I use velcro to silence the rattle) but they sound like a good idea. Be sure to keep the box that the side mouldings came in because it's a template for properly positioning the moulding - yes, do it in warmer weather and really clean the surface well so the adhesive sticks to the car. Key replacement seems to be an expensive PIA with all modern cars. I almost never carry passengers in the back of my i-MiEV so normally keep the back seats down with a carpet covering the entire back floor, and I didn't realize the 2016 had rear seat heaters. Expensive map updating doesn't seem to be cost-effective for a locally-driven car and I haven't bothered doing that with my two 2012 SE Premiums. Hope you get to enjoy some longer trips as the weather warms up and the pandemic goes away.
Never thought about updating the maps in either of our 2012's - Mostly because they are local cars for us and we never go more than 35 miles from home . . . . and I know those roads better than any map update!

Sounds like you found a great car and at a really good price, which is pretty easy to do in your area - I think there are more iMiEV's per square mile in Bloomington/Normal than anywhere else in North America!

Here is a link to a PDF of the Floor Illumination Kit manual that I scanned using my phone:

I still think this is probably way too much trouble so I haven't touched the kit since I bought it. I would hate to break something on my still-new-to-me car that I am enjoying so much currently!

Thanks. Looks easy enough. Everything pops off from clips that hold them in, so nothing will break.