Who works on I-Mievs in the US?

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Oct 5, 2022
I am enjoying my brand new looking 2014 with 26k miles on it, though I know someday it will need something. Who does quality reasonably priced work on I-Miev's? I assume not the Mitsubishi Dealership,..they will just laugh when I pull in. I hear GM dealerships are actually servicing a lot of Teslas. I live in Raleigh/Durham NC area; zip 27519. Also, I need two rear headrests if anyone has any laying around.
Thank you for contacting about the headrest parts, Jay. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of finding a bad DCDC charging part now before I can consider buying the headrests. What year is your imiev and do you know if it still charges via both ports, or not?...if I can't find the bad part, I may need to consider changing out the entire DCDC box for a 2018 or newer year.
I have both 2012 and 2014 DCFC parts, and have proven that the 2014 battery runs fine in a 2012. There are no 2018 or newer cars in North America, only the warranty-replacement OBC that does not work in early cars without a firmware update, and we haven't cracked the code for the DIY scene. The OBC and DCDC are the same box, and if the OBC has failed in the usual manner with popped capacitors, odds are maybe 50/50 that DCFC will still work.
Good to know there is nothing newer than 2018. I am able to fast charge with Chedmo, which seems to narrow the problem down to the OBC. I assume it makes no sense putting a box older than my own 2014 in rather than finding and fixing the likely capacitor. Do you have warranty-replacement information link for OBC? I have still be unable to search it up, though when I run my VIN, no one shows any warranty-replacements available. ty
I am able to fast charge with Chedmo, which seems to narrow the problem down to the OBC.
is your 2014 iMiev having OBC problem ? I have the impression that 2014 models have the 2nd generation OBC, which addressed the fuse problem. Do I have it wrong ?