MIEV 2011, AC charging not working

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Hi Kiev,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried removing the AC capacitor from the side as you proposed, but I can't get it hot enough to desolder it. Maybe it's lack of experience, but after a couple of tries I decided to give up this path.
I now started to desolder the waffle plate by heating it up with a heat gun and removing the solder with a solder iron, flux and solder wick. This will take some time, but I hope it makes it easier to replace the failed component(s).

I'm not sure how the pins on the cable got bent. Maybe it happened when I tried sliding it in the connector again or during tranport of the PCB. I noticed however that the copper ends detach quite easily from the plastic support, which makes it very fragile. I will replace the cable as I want to avoid what happened to tob32.

I checked the diode drops in the waffle plate. I get readings between 0.52V and 0.65V when measuring over one diode and double that value when measuring over 2 diodes in series, so I suppose they are fine. I don't know how to measure the IGBT transistors.

I checked F701 and whether the AC input Relay clicks with 5V applied. Both seem to be OK. On diode D301 I measured a diode drop of 0.066V in both directions (before I did the Relay test), so I suppose this one is damaged. Or is this the correct result for this diode in the circuit?