Seeking Quality and Affordable Maintenance for I-Miev in Raleigh/Durham Area

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Feb 26, 2024
I am delighted with my 2014 I-Miev, which looks brand new despite having 26,000 miles on it. However, I am aware that eventually, it will require maintenance. Can anyone recommend a reputable and reasonably priced service provider for I-Mievs? I doubt the Mitsubishi Dealership would be suitable; they may not take my vehicle seriously. I've heard that some GM dealerships are servicing Teslas, which is intriguing. I reside in the Raleigh/Durham NC area, with zip code 27519. Additionally, I am in need of two rear headrests, so if anyone has any available, please let me know.
@cuthbertdavies, welcome to the forum.

Maintenance, what's that? Things like checking fluid levels (under the hood and under the rear lid), tire pressure, and windshield wiper blade condition you can do yourself. Whenever you get your tires replaced you can ask the tire shop to check your brakes and suspension and do a general inspection under the car. Otherwise, see what the manual says as most any shop should be able to help you out.

The most important component for avoiding future issues is the 12v battery. On a cold morning before ever starting the car simply measure the battery voltage (directly at the battery) using a known calibrated voltmeter and if it reads below about 12.2vdc you might consider replacing the 12v battery as a preventative measure.

Anyone else have suggestions?
@martinwinlow, I enjoy your website and thank you for providing the tables. Yes, I forgot to mention the cabin air filter - although I've replaced it in the past, I now just blast it clean with some compressed air and put it back. I check the brake fluid with test strips and, to date, have not detected any moisture incursion (I also live in a dry climate). The gearbox oil replacement is on my list of things to do this Spring...