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Apr 27, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA

I'll take (err, already have taken) the one on the right.
I would be happy with the parking space---Reserved, clean, covered and an abundance of EVSE's. Worth a lot more then the SRT 8 Jeep. Get rid of the Jeep and put a Tesla in there--now that would be class not a** next to the I-MiEV :p !
"Typical Jeep driver?

I don't know - The parking spaces are small and he's carefully centered in his space . . . . I find lots more SUV drivers who park like the guy on the right :lol:

Don said:
I find lots more SUV drivers who park like the guy on the right :lol:
I wouldn't be too hard on the MiEVer - I've been driving mine over a year and still can't park it straight - the sight lines are all "wrong" and what seems like dead-in 12 o'clock is more 11:54. Of course, with a cart this small there's still plenty of room all around, so I don't much sweat it.
I wasn't intending to be 'hard' on him - Just pulling his leg a little

Actually though, for an SUV driver, the Jeep guy did an unusually excellent job of parking

From the pic, it looks like the garage let for a straight-in park, no turning required. The MiEV on the other hand, had to do a three-point turn to get into his space and still be close to the charging station.

Jeeps and Dodge pickups don't like it when you out-accelerate them from a red light. :mrgreen:
PV1 said:
Jeeps and Dodge pickups don't like it when you out-accelerate them from a red light. :mrgreen:
Meh. Sadly, I was nearly embarrassed by my Meepster this morning. She juuuuuust barely beat out one of those huge, big-box, bakery delivery trucks from a stoplight heading into one of those two-lanes down to one-lane merges. It was a truly shameful performance. Seriously, I really wish there was a way to tune the acceleration on our vehicles. It's agonizingly slow off the line. Sure, once you're up over 25 mph she can finally get moving pretty good. It's just those first few seconds of puttzing along that really aggravate me!
I agree. The ramp up is too slow. Try crossing a two-lane, 50+ mph road with a big truck coming down the hill. Just not quite enough. Full power needs to be available at 10 mph, not 25.
Funny we should have this topic. This morning I drove down to a local shopping center in my Lithium Sparrow (wife has glommed onto the iMiEV and it seems that the only time I get to drive it is when we go somewhere together). The parking lot was very crowded but, as usual, I had no problem finding a spot. :p


I went to lunch yesterday at a restaurant in Atlantic City and parked at the garage next to the restaurant that has six charging stations. When I parked there was a plug-in Prius already charging.

When I came back from lunch there was a new model Chevy Camaro between us. There are no signs saying electric vehicles only, but the garage staff does keep three of the charging station spots coned off (not shown) and has told me before that I may move the cones to park there. I decided to park at an open spot that was easy for me to just back in.

I checked my car for door dings, since the Camaro's single door is as long as two of my doors, but there were no dings.

When I was 18 I had a red 4-speed 1970 Camaro that I could make the tires chirp in all four gears.
I'm betting that new convertible Camaro was an automatic.

I've noticed the incidence of ICEing going down, but I'm now getting PIPed and VOLTed and Energi'd all the time, to the point that one can no longer rely on charging station availability. When not at a charging station, this occurs frequently - the F150 next to this Honda Pilot was also parked in the Compact parking space at SFO. I backed in so I could get out on the other side - barely, as there was a limo parked there, also in the Compact parking space. The EV charging spots were taken by four Teslas, one of which wasn't even plugged in! :twisted: Love my iMiEV's ability to squeeze into otherwise unusable spots!

I saw an exceptional driver the other day. Coming up to a red light, regenning lightly as it was uphill, I happened to look in the mirror and see a Jeep coming up on me really quick. I threw it into neutral and pressed the brake pedal to get lights. She realizes that people are stopping for the light and nosedives to stop. Light turns green and we take off, the Jeep lagging behind tremendously. She finally realized the light was green and takes off. She quickly catches us at the next light and same thing, except I was already stopped with brake lights on. Within the next mile of driving (no stoplights), she nearly rear-ends me three more times until I had enough, moved over a lane (to the left lane) and let her around me. After she went around, I moved back over (I don't ride the left lane) and turned on my dashcam. Through the next four lights, she nearly sideswipes several other cars. At the last light, it turns green and several cars go by in the other lane while she's just sitting there. I tapped the horn, she gave me this nasty look in the mirror and takes off. I couldn't catch her after that.

Distracted driving at its finest.

Joe, I've had a box truck park next to me even closer than the Pilot to your i-MiEV. I was driving a Cavalier at the time. Had to crawl in through the passenger side. It wasn't that the spaces were that tight, he was over the line.
This afternoon I stopped to go into a supermarket at a local shopping center that has recently been completely rebuilt. As part of their newly-constructed parking lot they kindly set aside a group of parking spaces for EVs, and wisely have installed only one charging station (presumably to gauge its use before installing more). In keeping with this thread topic, here's another Jeep - why does it seem they just fall into our laps? You can just see the tip of the nose of my Mitsi on the right):