Selling nice 2012 MiEV.... Cheap

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Apr 30, 2021
(BTW.... This is showing me as a new member.
Actually I've been here since 2013 under the same email address,
but for some reason unable to login under my old membership.)

EDITED/ADDED NOTE; I forgot to mention I and the car are in Ashland Oregon.

2012 iMiEV SE with 43,000 miles, $5000 (before I edited this the typo had it at $500 :roll: ) or make offer. In excellent shape. Battery almost has original range.
We love It. I thoroughly expected to keep it at least another 10 years. I will miss it.
Only reason we're selling is my wife got enamored with a new Chevy Bolt Electric car....mainly because she wants all the electronic safety features such as blind-spot warning...and likes the idea of more range. We don't need two EVs.

(Pardon all the extra detail below that most of you would know anyhow.)

It's the Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES model (the top of the two model line up.)
2012 with 42,000 miles. Purchased new in 2013 April. One owner, me.
Always driven and maintained (with what little maintenance is needed) with TLC.
Battery charging and care with TLC.
(That is we never fully drain the battery and usually only charge it up to 90% capacity)
Battery has shown hardly any loss of capacity in the 8 years we've owned it.
Always garaged.
Third party upgraded charger that works on either 120v or 240volts.
All three recalls completed.
Almost new tires on it.
White with blue trim.
Remarkable amount of usable space in small four seat hatchback design.
Can be pre-cooled and preheated while connected to house power, with remote control.
Great visibility and handling.

Does not have the optional super high speed charging port.
(On the other hand, that means the battery has never been subjected to a high speed charge.)
Realistically, whomever gets it should not count on more than 65 miles round trip range. (We once got 125 miles but would never count on that.)
Maximum speed 80mph.
In my option unsuitable for long trips, even with plenty of chargers on the route.

Alex in Ashland
541-488-5683 Call between 8 am and 8pm
The ES was the bottom of the three models offered for 2012. Next up was the SE with alloy wheels and driving lights and the top of the line is the SE Premium, with Nav, standard quick charge & all the goodies

Wish I was closer - For $500, I would have bought it yesterday!

Funny, I thought all the 2012 white with blue trim cars were SE Premium editions, which of course included DCFC. Good luck with the sale.
Did you sell yours? I may be doing something similar with mine in Southern CA. Mine is 25k miles. I really like it, but we can't keep three cars. It is becoming impractical for a family of 4 in Southern CA.
Archsteve said:
Did you sell yours? I may be doing something similar with mine in Southern CA. Mine is 25k miles. I really like it, but we can't keep three cars. It is becoming impractical for a family of 4 in Southern CA.
Impractical? I guess that depends on your personal definition . . . . and maybe where you live - No doubt things are more expensive in California than where I live

My wife and I (family of two) have 5 cars, three iMiEV's, a Ford Transit Connect Van and a Chevy Volt (along with a Sprinter motor home.) Other than one iMiEV, (The 'spare' one bought because it was ridiculously cheap and we LOVE our iMiEV's) all get driven regularly. Practicality (for me at least) is driving the vehicle best suited for the trip you're taking. We each daily drive our own iMiEV so the others don't get used that much. The Volt is used for longer car trips and the van when we need to haul or tow something. No door dings from parking at the grocery store in either of those ;) I guess the only downside other than the cost of license plates is car insurance, which runs us right at $100 per month. I feel that is kinda offset by the fact that driving the the iMiEV's most of the time keeps our two more expensive cars (the Volt & the van) 'young' since they only get used for what they're best for. The van is a 2014 and it recently rolled over 30,000 miles and the Volt is a 2017 and only has 25,000 on it. Both of them should easily last us for another 10 or 15 years before they get anywhere near 100K

'Only' three cars for a family of four? I'm guessing a couple of you haven't turned 16 yet? Is there a better, more practical car for a teenager to learn on? I guess there probably are lots of BMW's and Mercedes in the high school parking lots these days, so perhaps I'm more than just a bit out of date?? :lol:

Practical . . . . or impractical? - Guess it depends on your definition, but doing most of your everyday miles in a $5K car, while your $40K or $50k car rests in the garage, only used when you really need it, is a practicality of a completely different sort. More and more communities are legalizing Golf Carts on public streets and that alternative is making lots of cars last much longer - Our 'alternative vehicles' are more practical because they have heat and A/C and some measure of crash protection . . . . plus, we're not limited to 25 or 30 miles per hour

Maybe, it's all in your perspective - I'm sure you do have good reasons why the third car is impractical . . . . but then maybe you're thinking of selling the wrong one? :)

I would actually like to keep the Miev to use for the appropriate trips. But, we don’t really have the storage space on our property for that many vehicles. Ideally we could use it for local trips. I have driven it here for 5 years, but my children are getting older, and need to go it’s very hot in the summer, and AC drains the battery for longer trips. Anyways, that’s my situation.