Scooter crashes into iMiev

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May 29, 2012
Rarotonga, Cook Islands, South Pacific
Long time no see guys, hope all is good back in the civilized world. My iMiev is getting along well. It seems to make a louder sound when first starting up that it used to. But it goes away after a minute.
Check this out. A tourist was testing a rental scooter and managed to crash into my car, the only one in the car park. The video is from my security cams. No real damage, just annoying.
Take care everyone see you all real soon.
And the whole time I was waiting on the link to open thinking "please don't let it be a blonde, please don't let it be a blonde"..... :roll:
dakine, nice to hear from you again! Glad to see your i-MiEV giving you good service in that remote and beautiful part of the world - makes all the initial registration hassle worth it. Thanks for the video - yes, clueless blonde tourist, but, as you said, no real harm done. I would have expected your i-MiEV to have sustained quite a few knocks by now. How does it do on the rutted roads? When you say louder sound at startup, how exactly would you describe it? Do you have CHAdeMO (and thus a battery cooling fan that actuates briefly at startup)?
Aloha Joe,

I do have a CHAdeMO port on the iMiev but have never used it. I have a OEM level 1 charger I had modded to level 2 for this country. The sound is like a fan, and it has gotten louder in the past year. Maybe I will do a video on it. My wife has backed into my truck TWICE now. Dented the rear bumper a bit, not too bad really. Then she scraped the rear wheel well trying to park in our small covered parking. And she hits the potholes pretty hard I am sure. The steering is slightly off center, just a touch. But enough to bug me. My wife has very bad luck with cars, as evidenced by that video she wasn't even driving and it got hit! My charge/miles seems to be the same. It has been reliable no charging problems or anything else.
dakine said:
The steering is slightly off center, just a touch.
So is mine, and it bugs me to no end. I guess that's what happens with zero toe-in on slanted roads. Check your tie-rods and make sure they aren't bent. I hit a pothole a while back while driving a dealer loaner i-MiEV and it sounded like something broke. Didn't see anything wrong and it still drove fine.

As for the fan getting louder, you're getting used to the quiet of the i-MiEV :lol: . Kidding. The fan you hear is in the back of the battery case, and it helps to draw air from the HVAC system for cooling the battery during QC sessions. It heats the pack when temperatures drop below 5°F.

I wonder if the bearings in the fan are loosening up a bit. I've noticed with my robotic vacuum cleaner (the Roomba :cool: ) that the vacuum fan gets noisy in no time.