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May 10, 2012
Biloxi MS
About 18 months ago, I had the guy who made the name and hailing port graphics for my boat make me up a set of side stripes for the car. They're made up of a vinyl 'sandwich' where the color of the graphic is printed on one piece of thin vinyl and then a very thin sheet of clear vinyl is laminated on top to protect the printed color. He does this all the time making custom boat graphics

At the time, he could only print on a white vinyl, so the stripe didn't fade away to the car color, it faded away to white and his white didn't exactly match the white of the car. I told him at the time they would be perfect if he could print them on clear, but he said it wasn't possible with the equipment he had


We chose the gray so the stripes would be a bit subtle and not too flashy

Anyway, a year and a half later, I got hold of him again, thinking we'd go with a slightly 'brighter' color, just to change the look of the car and he said he *thought* he might be able to do me a set on clear vinyl this time . . . . he'd give it a test and see. It worked out OK and he made us up a set in blue (after we changed our mind several times from green to lime green, to blue/green) and we put them on last week



We like the bolder, brighter look and the way it transforms the look of the car - I suspect next year, we'll go with a green set! :D

They peel off very easily, Joe. You do need to do a bit of clean-up to get the remaining adhesive off before you install new ones though. I got most of that off using WD-40 on a rag and the wife got the remainder off using 'Goo-Gone'. Didn't hurt the paint in any way

Installing them only takes half an hour or so . . . . a bit faster if you've done it before