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Hi there Joe, thanks for the reply!

My daily drive, round trip, is just a bit over 9 -10 miles. So I am getting around 60 miles give or take, weekly, with 4 little blocks left on the charge meter (left side). :)

Thanks again for your reply - much appreciated!

This actually makes me feel relieved in many ways, and also answers a HECK of a lot!

I got my i-MiEV in February and have loved it! I got it as a way to get me to work and back without having to drive my Excursion too much (it's 28 miles up, 28 miles back, making it 56 round-trip and that gas cost can really add up!). That, and I like "different" vehicles, so this thing was perfect for me.

I noticed how much faster my mileage would drop taking the highway to work. I have two path choices, a major highway or a more rural highway, both of which are about 65 MPH on the speed limit on average, and like in Arkansas, these Texas people like to run you over if you're not going at least 5 over that! For example, I had a full charge this morning with 60 miles to empty, and got to work with about...20 miles left, and about 7 out of 16 battery units depleted (so just barely over 50%). The latter amount is about average for me when I drive to work. Thankfully, I have enough time to charge my car on the outside wall plug we have here while running the charger on 12A to give me enough to get me home, but I've definitely noticed that it runs better in 1) slightly warmer temperatures and 2) much flatter land with lower speed limits. Makes sense, though!

Funny enough, I also lived near Little Rock back in 2016 for a few months while doing a temp job and have wanted to go back ever since, but have been unsure based on how many EV chargers there are at LEAST in Little Rock. This post alone has answered that for me in a lot of ways (though I COULD check the apps I have, I suppose).
GovernorMegatron, welcome to the forum. Happy that the i-MiEV is working out for you, especially since you can charge at work.

If you'll look at the second graph of this post (mph), it shows the adverse affect of speed on range. Nothing is absolute, but this one is in the ballpark -


We have a number of threads about hypermiling the i-MiEV which might give you some hints; for example -


On the highway, vigilantly following a large vehicle (or even being in the next lane slightly behind it) can work wonders... :roll:
Greetings everyone on the forum!

I just thought I would post another update to my love relationship with my car. When I first bought this car it was an experiment to see if I would actually like owning an electric vehicle before making the leap to a Tesla. However I have come to love my car so much, that I'm going to put off buying a Tesla, because this car fulfills everything I actually need for my commuting to work. Why spend the money if I'm already happy?

For example, it has been quite warm here in Little Rock recently, and as a result I run the air conditioner on maximum and it almost freezes me out of the car. Because my commute is only a few miles each way, I think around five miles perhaps, I have had zero range anxiety which is really nice, and the car performs so beautifully. This daily 10 mile round trip commute, plus shopping and local businesses and errands, etc., is all I need.

I find when I run everything on maximum, such as the air conditioner, driving at over 70 miles per hour on the freeway versus my normal surface street route, etc, that my full charge lasts only about 4 days so I end up charging a second time towards the end of the week versus my normal once-weekly charge on Sundays.

All I can say is that so many of the naysayers online who are quick to discount the people who own this car are speaking out of ignorance and not really knowing what this car is meant for or what it's intended to do. I really love mine. I have not driven my gas hog luxury sedan at ALL so far since owning the i-MiEV (other than just start it to avoid having the car go dead in the garage).

I recently ordered the dashboard kit to convert to a touch screen, however I went a little wild with the whole idea. I have no reason for a navigation unit or anything fancy however I want to do it just because I'm going to make this car into a fun car for me. So I purchased a 10-inch touch screen smart Android car system with built in 4G for around $600, it's a higher-end system and sounds amazing. I rough fitted the unit into the opening and the screen easily clears all of the steering wheel stalks etc and it in no way blocks the air conditioner vents that are just below the stereo. The screen tilts up and down for optimal viewing angle as well. The actual chassis of the unit is a standard double din size, so it's easy to install.

Once I have that installation made permanent I will post some pictures because it really is a fun project and it gives the car that Tesla feel LOL

Also, I have been looking for some really cool graphics to have professionally applied to the outside of my car to show that it's an electric vehicle and to stick my tongue out at those people who still rely so heavily on gas for even a short commute to a market 2 miles away. I hate when I see a huge 10 passenger SUV with one person in it commuting, it's ridiculous.

In one video, I saw that an i-MiEV had along the bottom of the doors on the sides of the vehicle a black graphic spelling out "Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle" which I thought looked stellar. if I could find and purchase those graphics somewhere that would be great, but if not I also have someone here who does graphics for a living and can produce them for me by custom making them. That would be fun to have applied to the sides of the car just as shown in that photograph.

Another pending project is I'm going to have the seats re-covered in leather, although it won't be the higher-end leather it will be the lower level of leather that is normally produced from factory scrap and then pressed into leather, I forget the name of this material. However since the outside of the car is that really pretty metallic sapphire blue, I'm going to have the seats done in a two-tone black and sapphire blue leather.

I think part of what drives me to try to make this car so quirky and fun and really stand out even more is that I used to have a smart car which had bright colors all over it, a bright colored dashboard and accent colors and it was really fun and always would be a conversation starter. At being such an affordable vehicle, it's not hard to put your own stamp on it and make it uniquely your own

Recently, since I park in my reserved space which is right near the main door to the lobby of my office building, many times I have come out of work and people were standing near my car and right away wanted to ask all about it, how many miles does it get, what's it like to own one. Why was I not driving my big sedan that is normally there... Questions like that. And of course I'm always too happy to go on and on about how wonderful it is to own this vehicle and I have not been to a gas station now in months. And I love it.

I also hope that anyone who comes across this forum and reads our posts and might be on the fence about getting one of these cute little electric vehicles just takes the leap of faith and they won't be sorry. I was very unsure before I bought mine but I'm so glad that I did. And having such wonderful people like the ones here on this forum with which to exchange ideas and get advice has been invaluable to me.

I hope you are all staying very healthy and safe and I look forward to seeing more new posts on the forum very soon! Have a terrific day everyone!

Michael, nice to see your love affair with your i-MiEV maturing. Like most of us, you quickly realized that the i-MiEV becomes the primary car in the family, as the typical daily mileage driven in the US is around 30 miles. Pretty soon you'll be wondering why you're keeping those ICE vehicles...

For long distance driving (after this pandemic is over) please still consider the Tesla - for absolutely painless cross-country trips. I had picked up an old MS85 and have averaged 20,000 miles per year, criss-crossing the US and Canada and up/down the West Coast, with free supercharging. Best of both worlds as a companion to the i-MiEV daily drivers.

Have fun with your customizations!

PS You don't suppose we should change the off-putting title to this thread? We can make it anything you'd like.
Hello again!

Absolutely, we can change this title to anything you'd like... I am completely open to whatever that would be. I am just so happy to have received so much support here :) :)
One of us mods could change it, or if you have a title in mind, go back to the first post and edit the Subject.

My car Koorz has the Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle decal on the side. High quality and still look new after 8 years. I doubt that they're still available, but you might have luck getting these OEM from Mitsubishi. Although, they'd be blue decals.

My Bolt is better adapted to my commute nowadays, but I still thoroughly enjoy driving the I-MiEVs.