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Mar 26, 2014
I have looked through the posts in this section but I haven't been able to find a weight for the Main Battery Pack assembly.
Finally got around to replacing battery. I put the battery on certified scales, weight was 520 lbs. The 363 my have been the weight for just the cells.
deemsh said:
Finally got around to replacing battery. I put the battery on certified scales, weight was 520 lbs. The 363 my have been the weight for just the cells.

I'm quite skeptical of this. The cells weigh 1.73Kg each (I just weighed one of the ones I'll be fitting soon on a digital scale) so that's 152Kg of cell weight for 88 cells.

If the whole assembly really weighed 235Kg that means the chassis and bus bars weigh 83Kg, or nearly half as much as the cells.

Given the chassis is only 1.4m long by 0.7m wide mild steel panel, I can't see how the empty battery chassis would weigh anything near 83Kg. I'd guess it doesn't weigh any more than about 30Kg.
Just to add to this, when I had my pack out to swap some cells I had it on a small wooden framed trolley I built with some 80mm castor wheels, and I was able to pull the battery pack up a small incline to my garage by myself with two ropes attached to the trolley. It wasn't easy but I very much doubt it weighs 253 killograms or I wouldn't have been able to move it up an incline on rough concrete at all.

Another thing I discovered on disassembly is that the majority of the battery "chassis" is not steel, but is either fibreglass or thick reinforced ABS plastic of some kind. The steel chassis is a relatively thin layer at the bottom underneath this fibreglass/plastic to support it.
I have one empty battery case here, thought how much would that weight. There was no steel case cover attachment parts and bolts, even the integrated main battery fan is removed.



I wouldn't call this bottom steel part light, it's quite strong. There are four transversely located boxed sections made from 3mm (maybe even strengthened) steel.



The case is already to be sold to one person in Estonia who is planning to use it for integrating new cells in there.

It was 52kg or 114.64 pounds