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Phil Wheeler
Nov 8, 2023
Hervey Bay, Qld.
Hi fellow i-MiEV owners.

Having owned a low-mileage Nissan LEAF for a few years, including swapping some weak cells and a dodgy BMS, I've decided to put a fresh upgraded (60kWh) battery pack into it, and having done that, to stop tinkering with it and instead just drive it.

But, I have too much of a liking to explore this technology to not want to have something in the garage to pull apart, tinker with and perhaps upgrade.

So, to this end, I have recently purchased a 2013 i-MiEV at a knock-down price. It's a great little vehicle, but like so many at this age, some of the cells are a bit rubbery, so I think a gut-and-repack upgrade is on the way.

These forums are brilliant sources of both information and inspiration. Thanks for accepting me as a member. Questions many I will have, but answers also I will find.
Glad to hear that someone with experience tinkering experience is having a go at the iMiev.
Have you traced the CATL cells that are almost the same size, just a few millimetres larger?
Modern CATL cells would provide a substantial range increase which could give these cars a whole new life.
The supplier of the LEV cells is sadly not providing a modern upgrade, so we need a brave soul to find a DIY upgrade solution. Replacing cells in a battery pack requires many hours, so DIY work is the only affordable option.
The LEV cells are an odd size, so choices are limited for replacement cells. I wonder if a more radical change might be possible, fitting Tesla modules in the battery casing instead. Any ideas on what might fit?