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Hi TobyGadd, thank you for the connection and kind words.

Your two 2016 i-MiEVs should serve you well for many years to come. With it's flat-floor 50cuft storage capacity with the back seats down, the i-MiEV should make a great local delivery vehicle with incredibly-low operating cost.

I'm hoping to see something about the i-MiEV's environmentally-friendly support of your business when you update your website ... or maybe not, considering PC nowadays. Take care, and wishing you a great Christmas season.
Oh, boy. Got two spam posts here, but kinda wanted to just bump this article for morale. It's nice to see positive press every once in a while.
We are still driving our two awesome little i-MiEVs almost every day, and we still love them! They are everything that we found them to be when we bought them. We got rid of our two ICE vehicles, but had to buy a hybrid Ford Maverick for occasional longer trips—but it least it gets 45-55 mpg. We are looking forward to the day when someone makes an affordable EV truck.

This forum is truly a big reason that we bought our first EV. Thanks to everyone for posting such great information!