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Dec 31, 2023
New Year's Greetings to each member of this Forum.

My name is Steven and I live in Sydney, NSW, Australia. I am new to the EV world after purchasing a very nice 2012 iMiEV from a lovely couple that had decided to step into a new Cupra, just a few months ago.

What my wife and I now own is an EV that is perfect for our commuting needs, even though its range is approximately 80klms as is. For us to commute, we typically charge it once during a 5 day working week.

We know what to do if we need to extend the range to 220klms, but we need to study the financial benefits, if any, of doing so.

The new year will obviously see changes in the EV market and the player's success in manufacturing better products and technologies that go into them. It's a bit exciting really.


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