2012 white with blue PREMIUM for sale! $5250

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Aug 30, 2018
I LOVE THIS CAR! However, I moved to the suburbs and am not driving it much anymore, and daughter is no longer at university with free charging. Purchased in 2018 from a Mits dealer. I've honestly not done anything to it other than change the wiper blades, new 12V battery from AAA last year (was still on the original), and the recent brake recall. It's got about 33K and some change on miles. Never run it to turtle, try to keep it charged between 25 to 80% charge most of the time. It has seen a 440 DC charger to add a little miles a few times, but for the most part 110 at home or public 220 charging.

Highest the "miles to go" has been is about 67, running in fall or spring not using a/c. All bars show up. Typically usually more like, 60 miles, but in winter can drop to about mid 50s or so. In winter I use a nice driver seat added seat warmer (also has a cooling mode for summer), plugs into 12V cig lighter. I believe there was supposed to be a seat warmer for this Premium model (?), but the dash just has a place where there never seems to have been a button punched into it (just still molded plastic intact, no hole). Few scratches to the white paint around the lights, as I got a little messing trying to get ice off the car winter 2018.

We call her Miev May (meev may), and she's in Kansas City metro area. If anyone is interested, let me know, will be happy to post photos and tell you more information. She's the one with the blue sticker at the bottom of the door with the electrical plug and i-MiEV logo premium sound with CD/DVD player, premium wheels with wheel locks (like who would steal these wheels, lol), AND the REMOTE!