2012 Blue i-MiEV, in Langley, BC, Canada

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Sep 18, 2023
Up over 170,000km maybe about 180k now would have to check
Bought used in 2013 with about 17,000km on it
Drove it 100km a day to work 5 days a week for several years before working from home first part time, then full time
Had the battery replaced in, I believe, 2016 with about 90,000km on the odometer under warranty.
I have used and abused it hauling loads of wood and concrete for projects around the home from Home depot and to the dump.
Heaviest dump run was 660kg of weight, the attendant did a double take when they didn't see a trailer attached.
Still running strong and planning a move to Curacao next year, seriously considering taking it with us.
Has been rear ended twice, first time it just needed the rear bumper buffed out and painted, second time needed rear bumper replaced and cracked the plastic bottom plate at the bottom of rear doors.
Still looking for a Ecohitch or similar for it as it has been a great hauler for us and I would love to pair it with a small folding utility trailer.I-meiv.JPG
For reference, the lumber in the photo are 16 ft boards
80,000km on your replaced battery, presumably with LEV50N cells, and still going strong - good for you! With the capacious and completely flat floor in back, our i-MiEVs are hard to beat as workponies. If it's relatively rust-free, I think your blue i-Miev would like to continue life with you in Curacao :)