Wheel is misshapen, tire leaks air slowly. What do i do?

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May 3, 2015
I bought the Miev used, so i wasn't involved in the incident, but at one point the wheel hit something and now it is a bit deformed. The car drives well except at high speed and then it just doesn't sound real smooth, although it handles fine. Also, I seem to have to fill the tire up with air every 3 months. I suspect a little air is leaking out through the bend wheel.

Can I get the wheel re-shaped by somebody?
It is a front wheel. If I need a new one where can I get one for a good price?

Thanks for any ideas.
Search for an 'Alloy Wheel Repair' service in your area. Just today i say a local repair service van on the highway--it's a portable service where they will come to you and make the repair. There may also be fixed store locations of service shops that can repair bent wheels. i've had it done before, $50, and the wheel was good to go and you could not detect the repair or previous damage.
Steel wheels or alloys?

Steel is pretty easy to bend back - Alloy needs the tire removed first and looked t by someone who knows what they're doing

Put a block of wood (a 2 X 2 end grain block about 6 inches long) in the center of the bend, hit it with a 2 pound hammer and repeat until it's straightened

Don said:
Put a block of wood (a 2 X 2 end grain block about 6 inches long) in the center of the bend, hit it with a 2 pound hammer and repeat until it's straightened

That's what I've done. ... twice.
UPDATE: I took the car to a tire guy. He took the tire off and using a heavy hammer he banged the wheel into better roundness. Since then (over a month ago) the tire has held the air. He didn't even charge me anything. Amazing.
A recent encounter with a pothole bent the right front wheel enough to cause an air leak that luckily allowed me to still get home.
Being a DYI type of person I thought no problem I will just remove the wheel and take it to my friendly tire dealer. Much to my surprise, the lug wrenches I tried from other cars (one also a Japanese import) did not fit the Mitsubishi lugs. Fortunately I had a 13/16 inch socket and and box wrench at the house to get the wheel off. Wheel "repaired" with a few strategic blows with a heavy mallet. Thank you Goodyear.
Does anybody know why the lugs on the I-Miev are a different size (larger) than other cars?
Once again it raises the question about how all electric car owners (and some ICE owners) are at the mercy of a simple tire inflation kit rather than having a spare and the proper tools to change a tire. It's even worse for those car owners like ourselves with different size tires on the front and rear.
The inflation kit would not have solved my problem. Fortunately I was not stranded somewhere that required road side assistance for a simple flat tire change.
Stay charged my friend.
(Almost 30,000 miles)
The lugs ar 21mm, so that 13/16" socket should've been a smidge tight, but much better than rounding 'em off with an oversized wrench! 13/16"=20.6375mm
I can't picture anyone bending the 'center' of a wheel and not either of the lips - Very strange!

In any case, it would be time to toss that wheel and replace it with a new one

I finally found a smart tire guy who took the tire off and pounded the wheel into a better shape. It's been 6 months and no air leakage!