Using the Lexia3/PP2000/Diagbox hardware adapter as a universal J2534 adapter

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Feb 2, 2023
Again the thanks goes to @kolyandex . It does not look like this got really famous, so i would like to report about this here.
Mitsubishi I-Miev / Citroen c-zero / Peugeot ion owning people have often such a adapter because the fakes of it are less then 100$. Also used original ones does not cost a fortune like used MUT3 does. In general the hardware adapter is only usable with the software Lexia3/PP2000/Diagbox. Lexia3 and PP2000 are the outdated versions for Windows XP and the development for those sopped over 10 years ago. Today the people use the hardware adapter with Diagbox.
Actia PSA XS EVOLUTION or XS EVOLUTION R - each original has its own number after 921815C or 922173A for the R-VCI. The clones all have the same number: 921815B or 921815C / 40W07 / 0005451 and after XS Evolution always "Made in France".
This is how many adapters sort of look like:

Using the adapter for something else was not possible until @kolyandex developed a free J2534 driver for it. Suddenly you can debug many cars with it.

Here is the subforum for this driver in kolyandex's own forum:

Kolyandex tested it with some Mitsubishi and reported: Succesfully connection to all ECUs, writed engine/ETACS coding.

The functionality of the driver is described here:
J2534 API Description:
PassThruOpen - SUPPORTED
PassThruClose - SUPPORTED
PassThruConnect - Only ISO15765 with 500000 baud
PassThruDisconnect - SUPPORTED
PassThruReadMsgs - Only one ISO15765 message, timeout don't care
PassThruWriteMsgs - Only one ISO15765 message, timeout don't care
PassThruStartPeriodicMsg - NOT SUPPORTED
PassThruStopPeriodicMsg - NOT SUPPORTED
PassThruStartMsgFilter - Only FLOW_CONTROL_FILTER for ISO15765
PassThruStopMsgFilter - SUPPORTED
PassThruSetProgrammingVoltage - NOT SUPPORTED
PassThruReadVersion - SUPPORTED
PassThruGetLastError - TODO
PassThruIoctl - Supports only READ_VBATT (const value 14.4v), CLEAR_RX_BUFFER, CLEAR_TX_BUFFER - presents only tx buffer, CLEAR_MSG_FILTERS, other - not supported

If you do not want to register to the forum of kolyandex or you can not for some reason register to the forum, i attached the driver from @kolyandex to this forum post here.

Here a picture of someone using the interface with a Ford car and the software for Ford vehicles:

In combination with the MUT3-driver (you have to pay for it) from @kolyandex you could probably use Mitsubishi MUT3 with the Peugeot/Citroen interface.
Is it recommended to flash the firmware of your imiev car with a china clone of the Diagbox hardware in combination with this driver and in combination with the mut3-driver? Probably not. @kolyandex still recommends Original Tactrix Openport 2.0 for deeper modifications at the cars.


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