Tires losing air in cold weather

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Sep 23, 2021
Ottawa, Canada
Good morning

I have noticed my tires are losing a few pounds of tire pressure per week in the colder weather, these are the recommended tires on the aluminium rims. Any tips for this other than monitoring the tire pressure?


I just checked your weather and your high is, OMG, -2°C and low is -8°C :shock: (ours is a high of 22°C - but we have a drought). You weren't kidding about 'colder' weather!

I think your readings are normal, especially if all the tires are doing this.

Our alloy wheels might be a bit porous and I make a habit of checking my tire pressure monthly around the first of the month and they're usually down one or two psi. I no longer keep mine at 60psi but do run them at 40 psi - a little over the recommended 36 psi (248kPa).
I've just had to have one of my front tyres removed, rim cleaned and refitted because the bead was leaking. Corrosion can build up on the bead are affecting the seal.