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Dec 6, 2011
Tacoma area, WA
I hadn't seen the following i-MiEV dedicated website before, apparently "Model year 2017.5" Euro-spec i-MiEV stuff, including steering wheel paddles for regen (direct in the third link). It shows an updated display with an indicator for reduced regen ability (I assume during high state of charge), and an added center console with some more storage in front of the gearshift. Still uses our retro remote, though...

In a similar note, though the Mitsubishi UK website no longer lists the i-MiEV as a current model, the Norwegian site appears to.!downloads
They claim inventory in stock at a starting price of $18,209
I can't believe they made a few changes on the console but are still rocking a 16kWh battery, they could have a 20kWh battery in there at least.
It'd be nice if they added a heat pump for some more efficient heating too.
I'm jealous that the 2017 year has Android Auto and Apple Car Play though.