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Sep 19, 2022
Portland, OR
So, about ten minutes go, I did a forum search on the word "shudder." I have a tiny shimmy, only detectable at very low speeds without acceleration or braking. But that's not why I am posting. I found a thread about someone who was experiencing a bit of a shudder on the highway at a particular speed, and it came down to his tires giving out. I thought I found this thread with the word "shudder." But when I accidentally used that tab to perform a Google search, I lost the thread. "No problem" I said to myself "I'll just go do the search again."

That thread no longer appears when I search for the term "shudder."

"No prob," I said to myself, "I clearly remember that there was discussion of running one's Enasaves at 50psi, no space before psi. I'll just search for that!" Bingo, it took me right to the thread I was looking for, that has the word "shudder" in the thread title.

Why can I find that thread with "50psi" but not with "shudder"?

Why, when my first search for the term "50psi" did I get a bunch of results, but when I perform the same search a few seconds later, only get one result?

I feel like your backed might need some attention. Am I somehow searching incorrectly?
search results can be differ sometimes due to different algorithms being updated on forum platform. Try use advance search to improve accuracy.
Search has never been that great here. Many early members used the site-specific Google search workaround instead of the native search option.
With the new software the search should be better. It may take a few days to fine tune everything.