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You have to open and check those low voltage gray connectors too, not just the HV--it could be anywhere.

The 12V should be disconnected while doing this also.

There was a black wire with a crimped ring terminal to a rusty stud near the end of the video. That is likely a chassis ground connection. i would recommend to inspect that closely and maybe measure the resistance from the stud to chassis, then brush and clean off the rust and renew all the contact surfaces of the terminal. This is dicey if the rust has frozen the nut and it will need penetrant lube to free it up, and the stud could break while trying to remove the nut. So evaluate the risk before acting.

Find the other end of the black wire and inspect that termination also.

Pull up the rear seat cushion and inspect all the wiring and connectors under there, looking for rodent damage and corrosion, etc.
The box with the 2 yellow connectors is the BMU. With the 12V battery negative disconnected, unplug those 2 and inspect for corrosion and clean if necessary. Then underneath the BMU is the EV-ECU with 4 connectors, green-orange-blue-blue. Unplug those and inspect also. Re-assemble.

The other black box is the Air Conditioning Controller, probably not part of the issue, but you could do the same since you are in there.

Make sure the 12V is fully charged, re-connect the negative terminal and wait a few minutes, then see if you can get it to READY.
found a broken wire near the air conditioner, but disconnecting this connector also did not help.


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When a wire is broken, then the path is already disconnected. So removing the connector doesn't change anything, other than allowing you to inspect for corrosion, bent pins, etc.

Any broken wiring or corroded connectors must be found and repaired before any troubleshooting of underlying issues can be done.

Lookup the wiring diagrams to follow the circuits.