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New member
Dec 13, 2018
I'm sure this has been discussed before but can't find the thread. My tyres are needing replacing and I wa to get the best tyres available not just what the store wants to get rid of.
My priority would be low rolling resistance first and cost last. What are the best tyres out there?
What have other Imiev owners purchased and have you been happy with them? :D
For the lowest rolling resistance, longest range, best tire life, it's pretty hard to beat the OEM Dunlops that came on the car - Price is another matter though . . . . they are pretty expensive, no matter where you buy them

I'd definitely stick with the Dunlops out back, which is a good investment because the rears last longer and are the larger factor in rolling resistance, as they carry more weight. The Continentals are a reasonable option for the front. My impression has been that the Contis wear well and have better roadholding in the wet, which is important in my soggy climate, but I haven't been able to put numbers to it.