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New member
Jul 3, 2024
Bristol, UK
Hi, I recently purchased a 2013 Citroen C-Zero and looking at doing a couple of mods (stereo is the most important, I need my music!) but I've joined to be part of a community and have support available when I need it :cool:
@BillyBob75, welcome to the forum.

If you poke around this forum you'll find a number of threads dealing with the stereo and stereo upgrades. For myself with a US 2012 i-MiEV SE model, I'm delighted with the sound as is.

BTW, it's always fun to know where in the world someone is located, as we occasionally find other i-MiEV owners close to us. You might consider updating your profile (which will show your location by your username whenever you post), the procedure described here: