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Nov 18, 2012
I think electric cars are too annonymous! At least mine are. Nobody understands that it is an electric car... I think that is boring. I want to show that I'm driving an electric. Therefore I made a logo for putting on my car...

I have made the logo myself with the inspiration of Cartoons, without stealing a single pixel. And I made it with the keywords "electric, prankish and fun" in mind...

You are free of using this logo in any way you like, but I would be pleased if you remember where you have got to it from, maybe send me a note or a picture if you are happy using the logo!

I have send this logo to a sticker printing company that printed two stickers on a magnetic sticker in size 400x300mm for 15 dollars. After that I cut the stickers with a pair of sissors and made two stickers for only 15 dollars... I also made smaller stickers and I have 4 stickers on my car... One on each side...

I have put high resolutions here for you to make even very big stickers... (I have made even 1m banners with it)

I hope you like it:


I have added some pictures of my car with the stickers on...
Here are the pictures:
Love it! *smile*

I made a decal today for the rear bumper....but I guess I'm too new to post photos.
frxdy said:
I guess I'm too new to post photos.
Use the site IMGUR.COM and upload your photo there. Then click once on the photo and it will give you the BBCode necessary to post your picture here. Copy 'n paste the BBCode line into your post and you're done!
Let's see if it works.

<edit> it does! Thanks for the tip, aarond.

The next thing I'd like to do is get a hi-res photo of a circuit board and make a print such that the area behind the license plate would show the circuits.
misterbleepy said:
you can also make the image be part of your post - like this:


which should result in this:


Nice sticker/logo!

Do you have a picture of just the all electric car decal? I would like to have a decal made of it if that's aright with you? Thanks
This is a good idea. The more other fossil-fuel drivers see electric cars on the road, the more acceptance there will be.
And at this point the iMiEV is certainly seen as odd looking, but its source of motive power is mostly anonymous.
There are certainly LOTS of Prius's (Prii?) on the road.
I've seen 2 Chevy Sparks on the road so far, and 3 Teslas. Nary an iMiEV, though.

I think I'm just going to get some nice big vinyl stick-on letters to do this.
I also have a couple of electric car themed stickers on my car which anyone's welcome to download and reproduce for themselves.


In the middle of the rear window is the new Electric vehicle - Enjoy the silence sticker which you can download from here:

Then there's the classic 100% electric sticker which I made over a year ago, which you can download from here:

To download the file, right-click on one of the above links and select "Save as" on your computer. Once you've saved the file, email it to your local printing shop. Both sticker images are created on a transparent background, so your local copy shop will have no problem making stickers out of them. I had the "Enjoy the silence" electric car sticker made with dimensions of 50 cm wide x 30 cm high (20 x 12 inches). I had two stickers made on white, self-adhesive vinyl cut-out at a cost of €6 each ($6.35 US).

Warning: if you do make them, I recommend making two, just in case you make a mistake during the application. Don't ask me how I know this... :lol: