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Jan 27, 2014
Hi everyone. I just bought my second 2012 i-miEV and it unfortunately didn't come with the Omron remote. Vroom is willing to pay for one, but like everyone knows they're hard to find. Is anyone willing to part with theirs? I want to pre-condition my car before work. Thank you

Come on, name your price. Vroom is taking care of the cost. I'm one of the 20 people in the US that would use it. Haha.
I did approach Mitsubishi and they could no longer order the part. That applies to most of the online parts stores as well. Someone from this forum was kind enough to sell me theirs and I'm up and running. Thanks everyone!
Hi @joemm210

If you are in North America, all i-MiEVs sold here from 2012 onward came with the Remote. You might go back to whoever you purchased the i-MiEV from and ask if they still have it.

BTW, it's always fun to know where in the world someone is located, as we occasionally find other i-MiEV owners close to us. You might consider updating your profile (which will show your location by your username whenever you post), the procedure described here:
checked with the dealer that I bought the car from and no remote, so does anyone have a remote for sale at a reasonable price? not looking to buy one at if it is a small fortune since I would just put a diesel heater in if it costs too much.
@joemm210, check out the post from @beamtetrode on 30 October just before your first one. He was responding to @jkontur who, I believe, had already made a deal. I found it a bit confusing but if I understood correctly @beamtetrode has a Remote for sale. You might send him a PM.

In your climate, you might consider putting in a diesel heater anyway, recognizing that it violates all our zero-emissions sensibilities. :mrgreen: