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Jul 1, 2019
Some folks in Australia have succeeded in engineering a battery replacement solution for the i-Miev. They are doubling the capacity with drop-in cells. See:


Great to see an option to give these little cars a new lease on life. I'll be considering it for mine should I experience a cell failure out of warranty.

As the product matures, I hope they are able to offer a kit for HV-smart DIY-ers.

Too bad I'm on the wrong continent.

$13K AU to USD is still about $9K which is a bunch to invest in an old car . . . . and then there's shipping to the USA and installation costs. I'd love to have that installed in one of my cars, but it just doesn't seem practical
Thanks for posting this vid. I am trying to get my I'Miev upgraded. I live in Oregon. I've been in touch with the California shop who are negotiating with Oz-Diy. The CA shop is CalMax Fine Cars. I hope they make it happen.
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I wonder whether the pack's BMS slow capacity decay over time between calibration charges has been modified or eliminated ? always thought it's unneccessary. Can't think of any current EV if this slow decay
Well worth a watch, and still wishing I had the time to provide this service myself! Regarding the capacity decay/recalibration issue, it's nEVer been an issue for us, given how hard we use the cars. A calibration charge is bound to happen often enough to nEVer notice any error. I've yet to be convinced that holding these cells at 80% was worth the hassle, as long as the car gets driven regularly. Is there a user who measured slower degradation due to an 80% regimen? JoeS perhaps?