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Dec 10, 2023
Varna, Bulgaria
Hello, guys,

New day, new issue with my beloved i-Miev. Suddenly the 220v AC charger stopped working:

When I connect it, the fan starts working for 5 secs, the red led light "charging" is on, then it goes off. HobDrive doesn't show any errors! Last time I had issues with AC charging - there were DTC errors, but this time - nothing.

I'm wondering is the OBC broken or the AC charger? I'll try to find another AC charger tomorrow, so I can be sure before purchasing new one.

Fingers crossed that the issue is with the charger, not the OBC. What are your thoughts?

P.S. 12v battery is OK and its brand new (less than a month).
P.S. (2) DC Charging works.
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Unfortunately, if the EVSE is not found to be at fault, then this sounds like a commonly-seen failure of the ceramic resistors in the AC INPUT Section on the power board inside the OBC.

This is a failure without a DTC that i'm aware. The OBC is waiting for the AC to appear, then times-out and cancels the session after the brief few seconds. There is an internal OBC numeric fault message but those are not viewable except with MUT or Diagbox official tools.

Pictures, repair info, links, etc. can be found on page 1 of the OBC Troubleshooting thread.

Good luck i hope it is a failed EVSE
Hello, guys,

Just got my car from the local shop. Turned out my OBC is faulty. They replaced it, the whole sum was 425 euro. They opened the DC to DC box and they found water (or condense) in it, so they dried it and asked me to return in 10 days to recheck.

What you think, is 425 Euro good for repairing the OBC? Thay said they are changing almost everything in the box.

Fingers crossed the water in the DC to DC box is just condensation and not more problems :) I'm happily diving around again.

is 425 Euro good for repairing the OBC?
If they replaced the AC-DC converter (HV charger) section with a second hand one, then I think that's pretty reasonable.

If they just dried out the water and painted on a bit of alcohol, then maybe not so much. Though that's pretty labour intensive, and skilled labour is expensive.

It's pretty rare to find anyone that can repair these things, and 425€ is way cheaper than getting a new charger from Mitsubishi.