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New member
Apr 27, 2015
In September 2022, I had my 2010 Imiev battery replaced with OZ DIY 30 kWh battery. Approximately $16,000 AU.
It to my real world range from 70 kms to 240 kms. At the start of 2023, my OBC released some blue smoke which I couldn’t put back in. Lol.
After searching for a replacement OBC, I ended up getting it rebuilt which took a couple of months but was well worth it.
Come 2023, I have replaced my Imiev with a BYD, and I am reluctantly selling my little bubble car. Looking for $25,000.
Located in Sydney. Happy to answer any questions, either regarding a purchase or the upgrade.
I am not on the forum much so email would get a faster reply.
[email protected]